City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Arts in Community Spaces

The Cultural Arts Division strives to enrich the quality of life of the community through providing art in community spaces. Such art has enabled people in all societies to better understand their communities and individual lives.

The Cultural Arts Division accepts a responsibility for expanding public experience with visual art through the natural and architectural landscape of the community.

Arts in Community Spaces seeks to promote and provide opportunities for artists through unique partnerships; such as Art in Work Spaces, an art-lending program with city businesses, and partnerships with Parks to incorporate art in public parks and common areas.

The Cultural Arts Commission has set itself the goal of providing the community with educational, interactive, temporary art experiences at a variety of public venues in the next three years.

Explore the art in your community spaces. The following are works of art in the Art in Community Spaces program:

  • Poised and Ready, Craig Wedderspoon, 2004
  • Movement: Impressions of Upper Arlington, Jennifer Hines, 2005
  • Into The Woods, Cultural Arts and Tree Commissions, 2007
  • Elemental Gardens: Rotation, by C. Jere', 2007; Egeria, by Gene Friley, 2009; ; Emerging Edafos, a Parks & Forestry & Cultural Arts project, 2011
  • Second Step, Alfred Tibor, 2012
  • Celebration of Life, Alfred Tibor, 2015 

A brochure for a self-guided tour is available at all locations. Look for the Arts in Community Spaces mailboxes for guides and more. Or download the pdf here.

You can also find a link to a map and information on each of the works that make up the current Art in Community Spaces program here

The Commission looks forward to continuing to bring art out of the gallery and to the people. Stay tuned for more Installation Projects to come to Upper Arlington.

Utility Box Art in Upper Arlington!

Outside the Box

All over the world artists and neighborhoods have been wrapping utility boxes in an effort to reduce graffiti and beautify their communities. Upper Arlington is taking part in this artful encounter with Outside the Box. We are thrilled to announce that Outside the Box will include the work of 10 juried artists and will be located on utility boxes on Tremont Road, Lane Avenue, Arlington Avenue and Northwest Blvd. View the original artwork in an Arlington Hall Gallery show in July and August at our Municipal Services, and check out the decorated utility boxes around UA:
Susie Jordan (5 points), Jeanie Auseon (Tremont/Milden), Pam O’Loughlin (Tremont/Zollinger), Janis Mars Wunderlich (Northwest/Kingsdale), Nadine Block (Tremont/Ridgeview), Laine Bachman (Tremont/Farleigh), Michael Kaiser (Tremont/Northam), Caroline Chidester (Lane/Northwest), Duncan Snyder (Lane/ Wellesley) and Stephanie Rond (Lane/ North Star). This project was made possible through a grant from the Sharon and Don Cook Fund at The Upper Arlington Community Foundation.

art abandonment

Call for artists


Call for artists to pARTicipate in community-wide artful endeavors. Interested in making art in our community? The Art Abandonment project encourages artists to leave art in various locations around the globe for a lucky person to find. Email to be added to our list of creatives making a difference creatively in UA.



Origin of the mini-galleries
Many years ago I witnessed an undercurrent in my office. It resulted from a corporate move to an ultra contemporary building which became our space to work. It was wide open, no cubicles. My colleagues were nervous about it being so “open”. I loved the space but thought we needed to do something to lessen the anxiety of 98.3% of the buildings occupants?

I looked at a small part of my desk (24 inches by 24 inches by 44”) which led to a not so obvious collaboration with Jay Katzeman to create “minigallery” using the aforementioned desk space inside Zaner-Bloser Educational Publishers.

Jay, poet/editor, me artist/graphic designer, embarked on a 3 year mission to find and display art and or writing every two weeks.

The commitment also involved producing an exhibition announcement (electronic only) and providing a mini reception at minigallery lasting no longer than 10 minutes - Noon to 12:10 pm on alternate Friday’s. The 10 minute openings attracted a wide range of individuals including artists, writers and curators of other galleries.

In all, 80 mini galleries were produced with northern hemisphere summers off.

Many Zaner-Bloser employees participated and many artists from beyond the employment of Zaner-Bloser gladly took up the challenge of the mini-space.

 John Charles Davies
 COO Emeritus - minigallery