City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Public Works Division


The Public Works Division takes great pride in providing Upper Arlington residents with a number of vital City services that keep motorists traveling safely through our community whatever season it may be.  Primary functions include:

  • Routine roadway repair activities, which include repairing potholes, crack sealing and other road patching activities
  • Minor curb repairs
  • Street markings
  • Wheelchair ramp repairs and replacements
  • Street signage creation and repair
  • Snow removal services
  • Leaf collection program each fall
  • Storm damage clean up


In addition, the Public Works Division is responsible for the maintenance of the sanitary sewer system, storm water system and potable water systems. The Sanitary Sewer System conveys all potable water from homes and businesses to the Jackson Pike plant for treatment prior to being discharged into the Scioto River. The Sanitary Sewer System is comprised of approximately 143 miles of varying sized pipe and nearly 3,300 manholes. Much of this infrastructure is located in the rear easements which require the Public Works Division personnel to have access to back yards in order to perform maintenance and repair.

The Storm Sewer System conveys rain water from roof tops and roadways directly to streams that discharge into the Scioto and Olentangy rivers, without treatment. The Storm Sewer System consists of approximately 98 miles of varying size pipe, 2,100 manholes and 3,300 catch basins The Water Distribution System conveys potable water provided by the City of Columbus from the Dublin Road and Morse Road plants to the homes and businesses of Upper Arlington.

The Water Distribution System consists of approximately 148 miles of varying size waterline, 1,959 fire hydrants, and a 750,000 gallon elevated water tower located at Zollinger Road.


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