City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Electrical Division

The Electrical Division provides a valuable service to both the community and the Upper Arlington community, managing a variety of electrical and traffic management functions, that include:

  • Maintenance of 52 community traffic signals, 1,427 streetlights, 14 school flashers, and two hazardous intersection flashers.
  • Performing traffic studies.
  • Assisting the Engineering Division with various Capital Improvement Program projects.
  • Performing Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) location services. 
  • Maintaining electrical systems for numerous City facilities that include: nine City parks; three City pools; the Senior Center; Municipal Services Center; Public Service Center; Northam Park Tennis Courts; the Mallway

In recent years, the division has been phasing in new energy efficient and longer lasting lighting systems (LEDs), resulting in efficiencies and cost savings to the City.

Electrical also maintains the community's neighborhood lights.