City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Community Improvement Corporation

CICThe Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) was founded to aid the City in supporting economic development activities. The CIC is composed of both public and private board members. With this diverse membership, the CIC is perfectly situated to help guide economic development activities in the City.

2018 CIC Roster

2016 CAFR with Auditor's Report

The CIC aids the City in economic development activities in the following areas:

  • Policy & Incentive Review: Helping to structure, create and review economic development policies and incentive agreements;
  • Development Potential Review: Selecting target areas and sites for in-depth analysis to determine how to best market and position the areas/sites for commercial use;
  • Land Acquisition: Helping to acquire or transfer land when and where appropriate;
  • Relationship Building: Providing opportunities for City officials and administrators to meet with developers and businesses that otherwise would not be available without the relationships that CIC board members possess.

With a newly developed board and meeting structure, CIC is well positioned to capitalize on economic development opportunities; 2015 should see several new programs being implemented by the CIC that will help your business thrive in Upper Arlington.


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