City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Facts & Figures

Three reasons Upper Arlington should be at the top of your list: (1)location, (2) access to a growing workforce and (3) an excellent business development infrastructure. But there’s more to why Upper Arlington makes an excellent location for businesses. Reference the following overview of demographic, amenities, tax, utility and transportation information:

Upper Arlington Demographics

  • Population - 33,771
  • Households - 13,754
  • Median age - 42.9
  • Median household Income - $92,528
  • Labor force - nearly 1 million in the region (one of the fastest growing regions in the Midwest)
  • Education - 71.1% of UA residents have a bachelor's degree (over 110% greater than the region in general); rated the ninth most educated place in America by nerdwallet.
  • Leading industries - Professional and Tech, Health Care, and Financial

Amenities & Attractions

  • The number one ranked zoo, public library and science museum in the nation;
  • Access to some of the best healthcare providers in the nation, including Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the OhioHealth System and the OSU-Wexner Medical Center;
  • Upper Arlington was ranked the best suburb in Central Ohio, the second best in the State and the third best in the nation by Business Insider in 2014;
  • Upper Arlington High School was ranked the second best high school in Central Ohio and third in the State by Niche in 2014.

Tax information

  • Income Tax Rate – 2.5% effective January 1, 2015
  • Property Tax Rate - Approximately 15%
  • Sales and Use Tax - 5.5%
  • Bed Tax - 6%
  • Companies with sales between $150,000 and $1 million to Ohio customers pay only a $150 fee, while companies with the same income in surrounding states pay between $2,650 and $8,048 in taxes.
  • A company that grows to achieve $5 million in sales, half to clients outside the state, would pay $4,050 in Ohio taxes. In other Midwest states, the same company would pay between $13,425 and $28,676.*

Utility information

  • Cost of electricity (cents per kilowatt-hour) - 9.65**
  • Water and sewer commercial rates - 10% surcharge for water and 18% surcharge for sewer


  • Easy access to the I-70, I-71, SR 315, and I-270
  • Commute time is below the national average
  • Ranked 9th in the country for roads in good condition and ranked 5th in the country for lowest percentage of roads that are in poor condition in areas with populations exceeding 500,000
  • Less than 15 miles, and under 20 minutes, from the Port Columbus International Airport, making Upper Arlington an ideal location for companies that are on the go

Inventory Overview

  • 12.20 average lease at NNN
  • 9.1 Vacancy Commercial - office and retail - 2.5 million square feet of office
  • Average build year 1972
  • Office Class · A = 2% · B = 23% · C = 75%

Helpful Links

*The Ohio Business Development Coalition
**U.S. Energy Information Administration