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Updated November 7, 2017

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The 2017 road construction season is another busy one for Upper Arlington, as our Engineering Division continues to take steps to reduce the backlog of necessary work. This year's work represents year four of the City's first *10-year Capital Improvement Program planning process, designed to bring the City's inventory of outstanding infrastructure maintenance needs to an acceptable standard for staying current with needs into the future. It was made possible by Upper Arlington voter support of an increase in the income tax rate of half a percent, bringing UA's rate to 2.5%, with all funds generated by the increase dedicated to meeting our capital needs.
*Note: The 10-Year Capital Improvement Program is updated every two years, with two new "Years 9 and 10" added as each "Year 1 and 2" are completed. As part of this update, some projects change project year, based on a reassessment of priorities/conditions. This typically does not affect projects identified for "Years 1-3" but can result in adjustments for "Years 4-10."

Reed Road Reconstruction Project
Timeline: Began September 18
Project Details: Full reconstruction from Henderson Road south to Lane Road.

W. Fifth Avenue Bike Path and Roadway Improvement Project
Timeline: Complete
Project Details: Made possible through grant monies and a partnership with Marble Cliff.

2017 Street Reconstruction Program
Overall Cost: Approximately $3.8 million (approximately three times the expenditure from past years)
Project Details:
These projects are comprised of complete road reconstruction, new curb and gutter, diriveway apron replacement and storm sewer repairs on sections of the following streets:

  • Avalon Road (Zollinger Road to Kenyon Road) - Began May 11
  • Edgemont Road N (Wyandotte Road to Northwest Boulevard)
  • Harlton Court (Vassar Place to cul de sac) - Began June 22
  • Kenyon Road (Avalon Road to Wickliffe Road) - Began May 11
  • Langham Road (Redding Road to Somerford Road) - Began May 11
  • Mackenzie Drive (Nugent Drive to Meekison Drive) - Began September 11
  • Melford Road (Inchcliffe Road to Zollinger Road) - Work Began June 21
  • Middlesex Road (Woodbridge Road to Mountview Road) - Began September 5
  • Milden Road (Redding Road to Tremont Road) - Began May 1
  • Pemberton Drive (Tremont Road to Fishinger Road) - Began June 20
  • Randmore Road (Ardwick Road to Mumford Road) - Began September 8
  • Ridgecliff Road (Redding Road to Sciotangy, and Colchester Road to Tremont Road) - Began June 1
  • Springhill Drive (Mountview Road to Redding Road) - Began September 5
  • South Mallway (Arlington Avenue to Waltham Road) - Began July 25
  • Tremont Road (North Star Road to Coventry Road) - Began July 10
  • Waltham Road (Arlington Avenue to Bedford Road) - Began July 25
  • Wilshire Drive (Andover Road to Welsford Road) Began June 22
  • Wyandotte Road (Tremont Road to corporate line, and Stanford Road to Edgemont Road N) Began August 3

2017 Street Maintenance Program
Overall Cost: Approximately $1.7 million
Project Details:
Road resurfacing work - routine repairs designed to prolong the useful life of a street:

  • Airendel Court
  • Airendel Lane
  • Avalon Road
  • Brackley Road
  • Dorchester Road
  • Edington Road
  • Greensview Drive
  • Kentwell Road
  • Lanercost Road
  • Lanes End
  • Lytham Road
  • Masters Drive
  • Mountview Road
  • Northam Road
  • Nugent Road
  • Ridgeview Road
  • Rosebery Drive
  • Sandover Road
  • Stanford Road
  • Tremont Road
  • Wilshire Road
  • Woodbridge Road

Bridge Improvements
Anticipated Timelines:

- Abington Road Culvert Replacement (Mountview/Asbury) - began August 3
- Abington Road over Evans Run (at Brixton) - bridge replacement, began June 6
- Kenny Road over Turkey Run -
bridge lining, began September 11 October 26 Update: Kenny Road is down to one lane southbound October 26 & 27.

Waterline Replacements
Project Details: Replacement of waterlines, service transfer and installation of full-depth pavement patch for the following streets:

  • Asbury Road - began the week of March 13
  • Reed Road - began the week of April 10
  • Wyandotte Road - began the week of March 13

2017 Sidewalk Connection Program
With a strong fund balance on hand, City Council directed our Engineering Division to go one step further. The result is the addition of the 2017 Sidewalk Connection Project. This project aims to promote pedestrian connectivity in areas determined by the Safe Routes to School Travel Plan and to target community requests to fill in gaps in our sidewalk infrastructure. It includes new sidewalk on one side of the street in the following areas:

  • Canterbury Road from Riverside Drive to Tremont Road - Began August 14
  • Cambridge Boulevard from Riverside Drive to Tremont Road - Began November 2
  • Lane Road from Riverside Drive to Woodbridge
  • Coach Road from Lane Road north to Fontenay Place and an additional gap further north - Begins October 27
  • Middlesex Road from Woodbridge Road to Windermere Road - Began July 24
  • Sections of Tremont Road, south of Lane – Began early June

Sustainable Sewer Solutions Program
Anticipated Timeline:
Project Details: Sanitary sewer improvements for the neighborhoods east of Riverside Drive, between McCoy Road and Fishinger Road. A video has been prepared explaining how the sanitary sewer lines will be repaired. Click here for more information.

Streetlight Replacement
Timeline: tba
Project Details: Replacement of old wooden streetlights with metal poles on McCoy Road and Kioka Avenue

Traffic Signal Replacement
Timeline: tbaProject Details: Replacement of traffic signals on Andover Road at Northam Road

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  • Peddling/Solicitation Permits
    Apply online for a solicitation permit, and see listing of entities with current solicitation permits.
  • OSU Football Parking
    The City is once again restricting parking for streets abutting North Star Road by The Ohio State University (OSU) campus for home football games. Check here for details of the affected streets.
  • 2017 Community Survey
    The 2017 Community Survey process is complete and the report can be viewed here. Our thanks to all who participated.