City of Upper Arlington, Ohio


Q. How do I get information concerning a burning demolition of my house?
A. Call the EMS & Training Office at 614-583-5110 for information.

Q. I have rusty water. Are you flushing hydrants?
A. Call Fire Division Headquarters at 614-583-5100. If it is not during the designated time of flushing (normally April/May), call the Columbus Water Division (614-645-7788) to see if there is a water main break or if they are working in Upper Arlington.

Q. Do you take Safety Town registrations?
A. Although we are involved with some of the events at Safety Town, this is a Police Division program. Call 614-583-5195 for details.

Q. Are you taking food, blanket or fan donations?
A. Check with Fire Division Headquarters at 614-583-5100 to see if the stations are collecting for different charities/agencies.

Q. How do I get copies of fire or EMS reports?
A. Call the City Clerk at 614-583-5030 to make a public records request.

Q. Do you give CPR classes?
A. We hold monthly CPR & AED training at Fire Station 72. To register, call Life-Long-Learning at 614-583-5333.

Q. Do you have anyone who could speak to my scouts/club/group, etc, concerning fire safety or other topics?
A. Please call 614-583-5100 to ask about scheduling a speaker for your event.

Q. How do I dispose of old gasoline/paint/etc?
A. Call the Franklin County Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) at 614-871-5100.

Q. If my doctor needs me to monitor my blood pressure, could you take it for me?
A. Yes, you may stop anytime at a fire station and it will be done at no cost to you. Blood pressure screenings are also held once a month at the Senior Center. You may call them at 614-583-5320 to ask about the time and date.

Q. How do I know if I need a permit for anything I do in Upper Arlington?
A. If fire related, please call the Fire Prevention Office at 614-583-5115.

Q. Do you do tours at the fire stations?
A. Yes. To schedule a tour, please contact Fire Division Headquarters at 614-583-5100. (NOTE: We do not host birthday parties at the fire stations.)

Q. Do you do home inspections?
A. Yes, we do home inspections for residential childcare certifications, adoptions and foster care, and for overall home safety inspections. Please call the Fire Prevention Office at 614-583-5115.

Q. How do I become a firefighter?
A. If you are interested in becoming a firefighter, you may contact the city's Human Resources office at 614-583-5044.

Q. May I have a campfire or cookout? Are you allowed to burn brush, leaves, etc?
A. For any open burning concerns please contact the Fire Prevention Office at 614-583-5115. Open burning of any yard waste such as brush, leaves, etc, is prohibited in the City of Upper Arlington. Any yard waste disposal questions should be directed to the Solid Waste Division at 614-583-5370.

Q. What are the locations of the Upper Arlington fire stations?
A. Station 71 is located at 2095 Upper Arlington Avenue and Headquarters Fire Station 72 is at 3861 Reed Road.

Q. Where can I buy fire escape ladders, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors?
A. Normally you can find any of the above at home improvement centers or discount/department stores. You can also check in the yellow pages under each appropriate title to locate specialty stores.