City of Upper Arlington, Ohio



This spring, the Upper Arlington Fire Division was named as the 2017 Emergency Medical Service Agency of the Year. The division was selected out of 1,300 EMS agencies across the State of Ohio. An accomplishment like this is the result of hard work, dedication and commitment over several years. 

We are always looking for new innovative ways to bring the best care possible to our community and are proud to launch the new CARES program (Community Assistance, Referrals and Education Services). CARES will focus on education, injury prevention and building community partnerships to help improve the lives of Upper Arlington residents.

CARES is similar to other community paramedicine programs that are creating new and evolving models of community-based health care in which paramedics function outside their customary emergency response roles to facilitate a more tailored use of emergency care resources. The CARES program will focus on education, injury prevention and building community partnerships to help improve the lives of Upper Arlington residents. CARES is designed to address specific local healthcare issues and to take advantage of locally developed collaborations between emergency medical services and other health care providers.

Beginning with a three-month pilot program, our team will offer a variety of training sessions, in-home consultations, and wellness and safety checks. Over the next three months, CARES will focus on six main services; CPR & AED training, Scheduled Home Assessments, Coordinated Care Relationships, Safe Baby Training, Special Needs Registry and providing bike helmets for children.



National statistics show that only 15-30% of people who experience sudden cardiac arrests and more than 300,000 people have cardiac arrests in the United States every year, with more than 85% taking place in their home. Through this program, residents can attain American Heart Association certification in CPR and learn how to use an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED).  

Residents wishing to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation can take advantage of monthly training sessions offered by the Fire Division. Upon completion of the class, students will be American Heart Association certified in "Heartsaver CPR/AED" for a two-year period. This includes techniques for resuscitation of adults, children, and infants.

All forms of registration are coordinated through the City's Parks and Recreation Department, via their LifeLong Learning program. Those interested can register online, by phone at 614-583-5300 or in-person at the Parks and Recreation front desk at Municipal Services Center, 3600 Tremont Road.

The registration fee is $35.00 per person, optional training manual is available for $13.25. Certification card included

Class size is limited to twelve people, and participants must be at least ten years of age.

All classes are held at Fire Station 72 at 3861 Reed Road. Parking is available adjacent to the firehouse. Students should access the building via the public entrance on the Lytham Road side.

Each class runs from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.

  • Friends and Family- $15 at Station 72 (max cost of $95 for groups up to 12 people)
  • Friends and Family- $25 at your location (max cost of $95 for groups up to 12 people)
  • Heartsaver/AED- $35 plus the cost of the optional training material – at Station 72
  • Heartsaver/AED- $45 plus the cost of the optional training material – at your location
  • Basic Life Support- $65 plus the cost of the optional training material – at Station 72
  • Basic Life Support- $77 plus the cost of the optional training material – at your location

       *Prices are per person unless otherwise noted.


CARES team members will visit residents to do non-emergency medical evaluation and education in your own residence. This keeps the residents in their homes reducing the need for future emergency medical care. The patient or family members can request these appointments. 

  • $55 per home visit or $185 for four visits 


CARES is uniquely positioned to support partnerships between local healthcare providers to create coordinated home care to support our most vulnerable residents. CARES goal is to strive to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations, facilitate healthcare navigation and increase connection to community resources. 


Being a new parent can be nerve racking. This program will offer at home evaluation and classes to give the parents peace of mind. This includes: friends & family CPR, safe sleep evaluations and child safety seat checks. The Fire Division also offers quarterly drive-thru car seat events where experts check each seat and offer education on how to keep your baby the safest while driving. Don't want to wait till the next child seat safety check event? No worries contact CARES and schedule an individual appointment. 

  • $155 per visit


Developing methods and innovating techniques are continuously providing better care for individuals with special needs every day. Parents and guardians sometimes have to meet with numerous specialists to develop a specialized care plan tailored to their family member. a CARES team member will meet with families of a resident with special needs to better understand their needs before a medical emergency occurs. This information will be used to educate members of the Upper Arlington Fire Division on how to provide the highest level of care to the individuals on the registry. 


Riding a bicycle is a great way for children to have fun and stay active simultaneously. However, the potential risks of riding without a helmet can be life altering. A child wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of brain injury by up to 88%. The division will have a limited number of bicycle helmets available to help minimize the risk of head injury when accidents happen. A CARES team member will be made available to properly fit the helmets of each child.  


If you are interested in supporting the CARES program, you can do so by donating to the Upper Arlington Fire Division's CARES Fund. Please contact Linda Pruden [email protected] if you would like to donate!   


For payment information, to schedule one of the services listed above or to speak to a CARES representative about the program, please contact the Fire Division directly at 614-583-5100. And if you are a resident or area health organization that sees an opportunity for partnering with the Fire Division to expand public health in Upper Arlington, we want to hear from you. You can reach us by the number listed above or by email at [email protected].