City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Emergency Medical Services

The Upper Arlington Fire Division operates with pre-hospital advanced life support capabilities. This means that every injury or illness that is responded to by UAFD has paramedic-level care.

UAFD EMS units will attempt to always transport patients to the medical facility of their choice. Sometimes, however, this option is beyond the control of the local EMS provider. When emergency departments in the Columbus area are treating a very large number of patients, they do not permit transport to their facility except in cases of extreme emergency.

Should you be involved in a transport where this situation arises, we will apprise you of the circumstances and take you to an alternate facility to assure you receive the best care possible.

Sometimes patients who are transported by EMS may be less sick than other patients in the emergency department. If this happens, you may need to wait in an emergency department holding area until the sicker patients are treated first. You will be checked to make sure that you are well enough to wait there. If you ever find yourself in these circumstances and begin feeling worse at any time, make sure to let hospital medical staff know.