City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Commercial Fire Inspections

Fire Prevention staff perform fire safety and final occupancy inspections of all public commercial buildings in the City. This includes fire protection systems (sprinklers, detectors, alarms, etc) being modified, tested, or newly installed. Activities requiring a permit and inspection from the Fire Division include petroleum underground storage tank work, erection of tents over 400 square feet in area, and the operation of service stations.

The Fire Division takes a proactive approach in the enforcement of the maintenance provisions of the Ohio Fire Code. All inspections are performed by state of Ohio certified fire inspectors, who enforce all city and state fire codes.
The objective of these inspections is the elimination of fire and life safety hazards, the maintenance of fire protection/detection equipment and systems, assurance of the installation and functionality of means of egress components, and the safe storage and use of materials.
UAFD Inspectors perform all the required inspections for the fire suppression & protection permits issued by the Upper Arlington Community Development Department, assuring compliance with the Ohio Building Code.