City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Outdoor Burning Guidelines

The Ohio Fire Code permits outdoor burning that is safely contained, has a fuel load no larger than three-feet in diameter by two-feet high, has an extinguishing device immediately available, and is constantly attended by an adult. Larger fires require a permit from both the Ohio EPA and the Upper Arlington Fire Division.

Recreational campfires must be kept at least 25 feet from all structures. Fires in approved non-combustible containers, such as portable outdoor fireplaces, must be kept at least 15 feet from structures.

Upper Arlington city ordinance 25-2014 requires that only clean, seasoned firewood, or its equivalent, may be burned. Burn only when winds are mild, to keep embers from traveling through the air and causing an unwanted fire.

Before buying a portable outdoor fireplace, or burning a recreational fire in your yard, discuss your plans with the neighbors to make sure the smoke won't create health concerns for them.

Further information on Ohio EPA burning requirements

The above information is not all-inclusive, and is provided as a general guideline for safe, legal outdoor burning. Please contact the Fire Prevention Office at 583-5115 with questions or to obtain permit information.