City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Fire Investigations

Thee Ohio Revised Code requires fire departments to investigate every fire in their jurisdiction to determine the cause. To fulfill this mandate, Fire Prevention staff may work independently, or in collaboration with Police Division investigators, the Ohio State Fire Marshal, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and/or with the combined resources of the Northwest Area Strike Team (NAS-T).

The Northwest Area Strike Team (NAS-T)

NAS-T is a cooperative effort of seven fire departments from the northwest area of Franklin and Delaware counties. The ad hoc organization was founded in 1980, when fire investigators from multiple jurisdictions came up with an idea to combine resources to assist each other in the investigation of fires. Today, the extreme foresight of this effort is seen as a natural evolution of the concept of mutual-aid on a regional, state, and national basis that is common today via the Interstate Mutual-Aid Compact.