City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Juvenile Firesetter Intervention

In 1963, the Upper Arlington Fire Division was one of the first departments in the United States to initiate a juvenile firesetter program. "Juveniles and Fire: The Upper Arlington Report", was published in 1978, and was commonly requested by fire departments across the United States for many years. The Fire Division has also received several site visits from the United States Fire Administration to study the program.

In 1985, several area fire marshals established the "Franklin County Juvenile Firesetter Task Force", with the primary goal of developing a training program for fire service educators. The following year, the Upper Arlington Fire Division instituted the resulting educator training program.

Residents and families who have children involved in the inappropriate use of fire can contact the Fire Prevention Office at 614-583-5115. You will be referred to fire personnel who have received specialized training in the screening and education of juvenile firesetters. These firefighters are able to assist families in differentiating between curiosity-based and risk-taking behavior. Personnel can provide referrals to professionals in other specialty fields if the situation warrants.