City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

River Ridge/Kingsdale West Study

Additional Dates Added Prior to Council Action on the Study
Having been in receipt of the report and recommendations since the March 26 presentation, Council is readying for final deliberations prior to taking action, per the following schedule:

  • City Council Meeting: 7:30 pm, Monday, April 23 – the study has been placed on the regular agenda to allow for some additional input, at the request of some residents living within the district.
  • Council Conference Session, 7:30 pm, Monday, May 7 – Council will deliberate on the study recommendations as part of its Conference Session Agenda. Public testimony is not typically taken at Conference Sessions
  • Council Meeting Date to be Determined for Council Action – Depending on the outcome of the Conference Session discussion, some additional time may be necessary to make final amendments to the plan. A date for Council Action will be set for a City Council Meeting, with additional public testimony accepted at that time. Please check back for updates.
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Planning NEXT—the consulting firm that guided the 1998-2001 Master Plan process under its former name ACP Visioning+Planning—was engaged by the City to help us take a deep dive into the River Ridge/Kingsdale West residential district, to make sure we are providing an appropriate policy framework that supports the district’s unique character and fosters the qualities that make it special. A primary goal of the study process was to make sure that any prospective plans to preserve and strengthen the River Ridge/Kingsdale West district would be reflective of extensive input received from the residents who live in these neighborhoods. Our Planning Division hopes this process will serve as a blueprint for future studies of the opportunities and challenges facing other neighborhoods within the community.

The River Ridge/Kingsdale West district—which is bounded west-to-east by Riverside Drive and Kingsdale/Tremont Road, and by Zollinger and Fishinger roads—is a valued neighborhood within Upper Arlington. Over a period of approximately three/four months from late 2017-early 2018, study area residents and other community members had several opportunities to participate in the process of developing the study—via meetings and online surveys—and to share their ideas about housing trends, neighborhood connectivity, pedestrian access, safety, traffic and more. Following a January 31 Open House, at which time the findings and emerging recommendations were shared with residents for their feedback, the results of the study were presented to City Council on March 26.


Next Steps
The report, which can be accessed below, is now in the hands of City Council for their review. It is expected that the report will be further discussed by Council at a date yet to be determined—with opportunity for additional public input—before Council direction is given on how to proceed with the recommendations. Please watch for updates on this next phase in the process.


If you would like to get involved with the implementation of some of the final recommendations, please send us an email at, with the subject "River Ridge/Kingsdale West Implementation."  Just let us know which recommendation you want to get involved with, and how we can contact you.  Thank you!


Summary of Opportunities for Involvement

  • Neighborhood Character Workshop: 7 pm, Thursday, November 16, Wickliffe Elementary School, 2405 Wickliffe Road
    Survey 1 is closed. Our thanks to everyone for your participation.
  • Neighborhood Choices Workshop: 7 pm, Wednesday, December 6, Wickliffe Elementary School, 2405 Wickliffe Road
    Survey 2 is closed. Our thanks to everyone for your participation.
  • Findings & Recommendations Open House: 7 pm, Wednesday, January 31, 2018, Municipal Services Center, 3600 Tremont Road
    Request for Public Comment on Proposed Study Recommendations:  
    The public comment period has closed.
  • Presentation of Study Recommendations to City Council:  7:30 pm, Monday, March 26, 2018, Municipal Services Center, 3600 Tremont Road 

Date of Record: 2018-04-18