City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

2017 Street Reconstruction Program

Updated October 31, 2017

Reed Road Reconstruction Project
Detail: Full Reconstruction from Lane Road to Henderson Road
Timeline: Began September 18
Project Manager: Chad Ritzler, 614-583-5360,

October 31 Update: Work has begun on the east side of Reed Road. Access will be restricted to southbound traffic only through mid November (weather permitting), with a delay on McCoy/Kenny/Henderson for northbound traffic (see the October 26 Focus On below)

Overall Cost:
Approximately $3.8 million (approximately three times the expenditure from past years)
Timeline: tba
Project Manager: Sebastian French, 614-583-5360  |
Project Details: These projects are comprised of complete road reconstruction, new curb and gutter, diriveway apron replacement and storm sewer repairs on sections of the following streets:

  • Avalon Road (Zollinger Road to Kenyon Road) - work began May 11
  • Edgemont Road N (Wyandotte Road to Northwest Boulevard) - work began July 17
  • Harlton Court (Vassar Place to cul de sac) - work began June 22
  • Kenyon Road (Avalon Road to Wickliffe Road) - work began May 11
  • Langham Road (Redding Road to Somerford Road) - work began May 11
  • Mackenzie Drive (Nugent Drive to Meekison Drive) - work begins September 11
  • Melford Road (Inchcliffe Road to Zollinger Road) - work began June 21
  • Middlesex Road (Woodbridge Road to Mountview Road) - work began September 5
  • Milden Road (Redding Road to Tremont Road) – work began May 18
  • Pemberton Drive (Tremont Road to Fishinger Road) – work began June 20
  • Randmore Road (Ardwick Road to Mumford Road) - work begins September 8
  • Ridgecliff Road (Redding Road to Sciotangy, and Colchester Road to Tremont Road) - work began June 5
  • Springhill Drive (Mountview Road to Redding Road) - work begins September 5
  • South Mallway (Arlington Avenue to Waltham Road) - work began July 25
  • Tremont Road (North Star Road to Coventry Road) - work began July 10
  • Waltham Road (Arlington Avenue to Bedford Road) - work began July 25
  • Wilshire Drive (Andover Road to Welsford Road) - work began June 22
  • Wyandotte Road (Tremont Road to corporate line, and Stanford Road to Edgemont Road N)

Please see the Focus On Updates below for details of each project.

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Date of Record: 2017-06-13