City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Sustainable Sewer Solutions Program

Updated November 1, 2017

Map of 2017-2028 Improvements  |  Detailed Program Video  |  Abridged Video

Project Update: 10/26/2017

Work continues on the Sustainable Sewer Solutions Project.  The lining of the sanitary sewer mains is scheduled to wrap up in the coming week.  Additional crews are currently working on the following items:

  1. Locating the sanitary service lateral leading from your house to the sanitary sewer main.
  2. Sealing the inside of selected sanitary manholes.
  3. Performing point repairs on sections of sanitary main and laterals that are excessively deteriorated or partially collapsed.

The next major item of work is the installation of the cured in place liner inside of each sanitary service lateral.

For more detailed information reviewed the Focus On dated 10/26/2017 or call Paul Selegue at 614-519-1789

About the Project
The Environmental Protection Agency required and approved a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES) to identify the most problematic areas in the City of Upper Arlington when it comes to rainwater getting in to the sanitary sewer pipes. Following this extensive evaluation which took place over several years, the City developed a remediation plan called the Sustainable Sewer Solutions. Beginning in 2017, this plan is budgeted in the City’s Capital Improvement Program. Please click on the above links for an overview and information on the remediation plan.

The work scheduled for 2017 is currently underway in the neighborhoods east of Riverside Drive, between McCoy Road and Fishinger Road.

The design for the 2018 improvement work has begun. These neighborhoods are located south of McCoy Road along Fairfax Drive and Buckley Road (see Map of 2017-2028 Improvements for more precise locations). The design consultant, Burgess & Niple will begin inspecting manholes on August 16, 2017. They will knock on residents’ doors if they need to access a manhole in a backyard easement.

Date of Record: 2017-08-15