City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

2018 Community Event Calendar
Request for Submissions

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As a service to the community, the City of Upper Arlington prepares an annual calendar of events each year. The calendar is posted on the City's website, used as a resource for promoting events through various City publications and available to the public upon request. We invite you to submit details of any special events you have scheduled in 2018. Please submit the request form online through the link above, or download a paper copy if preferred.

Please note - the calendar does not include regular/monthly programs such as club meetings, classes, etc. but is restricted to special events open to the community at large. The City will not include an event listing if it is deemed inappropriate, and inclusion of any events does not represent an endorsement by the City.

We ask with each submission to include a high quality photo that can be displayed with the event. 

If you have any questions, please call or email Jared Nyhart at 614-583-5027 / 

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Date of Record: 2017-12-14