City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

2018 Wall of Honor

Since this is a special year for Upper Arlington, many of our community’s annual traditions are embracing the Centennial theme in some way, and the 2018 Wall of Honor is no different. This year, the Upper Arlington Historical Society and the City of Upper Arlington will induct four outstanding members of our community onto the Wall of Honor on Sunday, May 20. They are J.W. Jones, Clark Poston Pritchett, Jr., Jeanne (McCoy) Purnhagen Schaal, and Jacob L. “Jake” Will.

J.W. Jones (1887 - April 30, 1954) was a resident of Upper Arlington for 22 years. In 1920 he began his work in Upper Arlington schools as the President of Upper Arlington School, later renamed to Upper Arlington High School. At the time of his presidency, J. W. taught math and biology to students as well. When the new high school building - now Jones Middle School, named in his honor - was constructed in 1924, J. W. was appointed as the district’s first full-time superintendent for 20 years. J. W.’s passion for learning led him to play an instrumental role in establishing The Marwick School of Supervised Play in 1933, the first preschool in Upper Arlington. Throughout his 10 years of teaching and his time as the face of Upper Arlington’s school district he made a huge impact on developing Upper Arlington schools into what they are today.

Clark Poston Pritchett, Jr. (March 10, 1943 - September 24, 2011), was a resident for 31 years. He received his B.A. in Economics in 1965 from The Ohio State University and graduated with his Juris Doctor degree from the OSU College of Law in 1968. Out of college, Clark practiced as an Attorney at Law and was elected to serve on the Upper Arlington City Council in 1998. From 2003-2006, Clark was the Council’s President and Mayor. Clark’s contributions to the community and region will be remembered by the donation of kitchen equipment for the Amelita Mirolo Barn that he helped secure, and the newer downtown Hilton that lifted Columbus into contention for major conventions.

Jeanne (McCoy) Purnhagen Schaal (September 13, 1920 - December 2, 2013) was a resident for 33 years, and was an active member in a number of clubs and organizations throughout the community. An employee of Ohio Bell, Battelle, Clyde Williams & Co., and the National Board of YMCA, Jeanne also dedicated much of her time to community service. She was a very active member and the first female president of the Northwest Kiwanis Club, and served as president of the American Business Women’s Association (Rose Capital Chapter). Jeanne was also the founding director and executive director of the Ohio Business Week Foundation that worked to mentor high school students.

Jacob L. “Jake” Will (July 19, 1927 - October 30, 2013), was an active member of Upper Arlington for 86 years and was the general contractor and owner of J.L. Will & Company. Jake’s passion for the Tri-Village community and Upper Arlington was apparent through his involvement on a number of committees, such as the Northwest Kiwanis Club, the Historical Society’s committee for the Wall of Honor, and the Community Improvement Corporation. Jake was known to make sure something got done if it needed to, like helping develop and build a new picnic shelter and restroom facility at Northwest Kiwanis Park. A graduate of The Ohio State University and a U.S. Army veteran, Jake was a strong mentor, teacher and friend to many of our community’s current leaders.

To be considered for the Wall of Honor, a person must meet three criteria: He or she must be deceased; must have lived in Upper Arlington for part of his/her life; and must have made a significant contribution to the city, the state and/or the nation. Honorees are recognized via permanent bronze plaques on the “Wall of Honor” located on the plaza in front of the Municipal Services Center.

Please watch for details of this Wall of Honor induction ceremony, scheduled for 3 pm, Sunday, May 20, 2018, at the Municipal Services Center, 3600 Tremont Road.

Date of Record: 2018-02-19