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Tremont Road Reconstruction - Phase I and Phase II

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September 23 Update: The construction team will be working at several intersections along Tremont Road during the evening/nighttime hours of Friday, September. Work will begin at 7 p.m. and likely be completed around Midnight. It should not cause significant disruption, since the work is to repair/replace some paint markings that did not adhere fully to the road surface.

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The Tremont Road reconstruction project is substantially complete. Our sincere thanks to all in the community, especially immediate neighbors, for your patience throughout this two-year project. We hope you enjoy UA's first "complete street."

Phase I of the Tremont Road Reconstruction Project was completed the mid-May, over 40 days ahead of schedule. Hear from City Engineer Jackie Thiel as she explains what has been accomplished so far.  



Phase I
Construction August 2015 through June 1 2016 - complete
Kingsdale Reach (Fishinger Road to Ridgeview Road):

  • Full depth road and curb replacement
  • Convert the four-lane undivided roadway to a two-lane roadway with a two-way left turn lane. Benefits include reduced vehicle speeds, improved mobility and access, reduced collisions and injuries, and improved livability and quality of life.
  • Storm sewer replacement/repair as required
  • Dedicated bike lanes northbound and southbound from Fishinger to Zollinger, and a shared use path from Zollinger Road to Ridgeview Road
  • Traffic signal replacements to mast arms
  • High visibility pedestrian crosswalks and pedestrian refuge islands at mid-block crosswalks
  • Sidewalk and curb ramp replacement where needed
  • Street lighting improvements

Phase II
Construction in 2016 with pavement completion in August 2016
Ridgeview Road to Lane Avenue
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions  |  Public Meeting Presentation

  • Full depth road and curb replacement
  • Storm sewer replacement/repair as required
  • Waterline replacement work
  • Shared use path from Ridgeview Road to Northam Road and sharrows from Northam Road to Lane Avenue
  • Traffic signal replacements to mast arms
  • High visibility pedestrian crosswalks
  • Street lighting improvements

Kenny Road to Fishinger Road

  • Resurfacing and spot curb replacement
  • Convert the four-lane undivided roadway to a two-lane roadway with a two-way left turn lane. Benefits include reduced vehicle speeds, improved mobility and access, reduced collisions and injuries, and improved livability and quality of life.
  • Dedicated bike lanes northbound and southbound
  • Street lighting improvements


2015 Project Updates

Updated July 27, 2015

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The contract for Phase I has been awarded to Double Z Construction. Crews will begin mobilization for the start of the project Wednesday, July 29, with actual construction scheduled to begin Monday, August 3, weather permitting.

The work begins at the Five Points intersection, with the installation of new waterlines, storm sewer and fiber optic line. As a result, the following road patterns will be in effect beginning first thing Monday morning, and could be in place for approximately three weeks:

  • Northwest Boulevard will be closed at the Five Points intersection. Traffic heading north on Northwest will only be able to head east on Fishinger Road, at the loop just to the south of the intersection.
  • For traffic traveling eastbound on Fishinger Road—the roadway will be reduced to two lanes. Motorists will be able to turn left to head north on Tremont Road, and to continue east on Fishinger or turn right to head south on Tremont Road.
  • For traffic heading west on Fishinger Road—the roadway will be reduced to two lanes. Traffic will be able to continue west on Fishinger or to turn right to head north on Tremont Road. From the left turn lane motorists will only have access to Tremont Road southbound.
  • For traffic heading north on Tremont Road—the roadway will be reduced to one lane northbound. Motorists will be able to turn left to head west on Fishinger Road or to continue north on Tremont only.
  • For traffic heading south on Tremont Road—the roadway will be reduced to two lanes to the north of the intersection. Traffic will be able to turn right to head west on Fishinger Road or to continue south on Tremont Road (with one lane available for southbound traffic once you are through the intersection). The left turn lane will also be open but only with access to head east on Fishinger Road.

Landscaping Plans
Please be aware that as part of this extensive project, a number of trees along Tremont Road need to be removed. This work will begin Wednesday, July 29. Approximately 90 trees/shrubs of various sizes and species are slated for removal between Five Points and Ridgeview Road. All of the impacted homes and businesses have received advance notification from the City. While subject to some minor adjustments, the construction plans call for significant landscaping along this section of Tremont that will include the planting of: more than 176 deciduous trees, 35 columnar trees, 14 ornamental trees, 119 shrubs, 4,310 plantings within bio retention areas, and 330 ornamental grasses.


Project Overview


Tremont Road is a major north-south collector road for the City of Upper Arlington and is considered Upper Arlington's Main Street. Tremont Road was last reconstructed in 1951 from Lane to Kentwell and in 1958 from Kentwell to Fishinger. Since that time, 60 years have passed and the Kingsdale area has seen significant redevelopment investments. Tremont Road traffic movement is of vital importance to the area and Tremont is also the address for Upper Arlington's most central community park (Northam Park), the main Library and Tremont Elemetary School. The goal of the Tremont Road reconstruction project is to not only move motorists, but also pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit vehicles to make Tremont Road a complete street.

The project limits include the Tremont Road corridor and adjacent pedestrian areas extending from Kenny Road to the north down to the intersection of Lane Avenue and Tremont to the south.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City of Upper Arlington pursuing this project?
Tremont Road has not been reconstructed since 1956 and has deteriorated to the point that it needs reconstructed. The Tremont corridor is not pedestrian or bicycle friendly and does not meet ADA or community standards.

How will the City keep residents informed about the work progress and impacts?
The Engineering Division will be issuing occasional Focus-Ons notices (similar to the recent invitation to the November 20 Public Meeting) throughout the project to keep residents informed. In addition, you can contact the City's project representative at any time during the project. Contact Wayne Miller at 583-5357 with any questions.

How will traffic be affected if we are eliminating a travel lane? Will traffic back up?
Several studies show that eliminating a travel lane in favor of a turn lane significantly reduce travel speeds, making road safer for both pedestrians and bicyclists. Traffic analysis was performed to evaluate the impact of removing a travel lane and the analysis showed that the removal of the lane will not create traffic back-ups, and that there will be no noticeable difference in travel time through the Tremont corridor.

Will part of the roadway be closed during construction? Will the businesses in this area be affected?
The construction will be completed by closing half of the roadway at a time, allowing one lane of traffic in each direction to pass through the corridor. There will be closures at the major intersections to permit construction of half the intersection at a time. The contractor will provide advance notification of closures. Accesses to businesses will be maintained. If one entrance is closed, it may be possible to install way-finding signs so customers can navigate through the project to a secondary entrance location.

How much property will you be taking from me? Am I losing any trees or landscaping?
The Phase 1 project stays mostly within the right of way. In a few locations, minor amounts of right of way are necessary. The City of Upper Arlington will be working with those property owners individually to acquire right of way. If any trees or landscaping are within the road right-of way and impacted by the project, the plants or trees will be removed. Any landscaping that you want to keep can be removed by you prior to construction and replaced after construction. However, any landscaping in the right-of-way that is removed by the construction contractor will not be replaced. Look at the construction plans to see what work is to be done in front of your property.

Will there be a lot of noise and dust during the construction project?
Yes, however, we will do everything possible to minimize the impact of these. We will be using water and chemicals to hold down dust but if we have an unusually dry summer like in years past, there isn't much else that can be done.  

Will COTA still operate during and after construction?
Yes. The contractor will coordinate with COTA to ensure any temporary stop relocations are identified.

Why aren't the utility lines being buried?
The cost of burying the existing overhead utilities in the project corridor was investigated during the conceptural phase and preliminary planning phase of the project. The cost if very prohibitive-approximately $2 million for the project corridor.

What is a shared use path?
A shared use path is an extra wide path (8' wide on this project) constructed beside the roadway with a hard surface of either asphalt or concrete that can be used by pedestrians and bicyclists.

Will the construction work affect trash pickup, deliveries, bus routes or emergency services like police and fire?
No, your trash pickup date will remain the same. Also, the roadway will be maintained for deliveries, bus traffic and emergency vehicles at all times. Upper Arlington Police and Fire crews know that they can drive through the construction zone any time of day or night to access your property.

Will my driveway be impacted? Will I be notified when the construction blocks my drive?
For property owners within the corridor, new concrete aprons will need to be constructed. There will be several times during the project that access to a private driveway may be prohibited. The longest time will be when the concrete curb and apron at a driveway entrance is installed and needs to cure for up to 7 days. During this period, property owners will have to find parking on one of the adjacent side streets. Many residents on past projects have parked on the nearest street behind their house so they could walk through their backyard (and the neighbor’s backyard) to get to their vehicles. If you have disabilities that prevent you from walking to an adjacent street, we will work with you to make other accommodations.

What are the anticipated work hours during construction?
The contractor is only allowed to work between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Monday through Saturday.

Will there be any utility outages during this project?
No, we do not anticipate any interruption with your water, gas or electric service. If you do experience an outage call 583-5360 and we will investigate whether it is related to our construction work.


Date of Record: 2015-07-31