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Special Projects/Accomplishments include completion of Sunny 95 Park, the Amelita Mirolo Barn in Sunny 95 Park, Reed Road Park redevelopment around Fire Station 72, launch of the Activity Guide, and department restructuring.

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Strategic Plan Overview

Over the course of 2006, the Upper Arlington Parks & Recreation Advisory Board worked to develop a Parks & Recreation Strategic Plan, at the behest of City Council.

In order to successfully complete this charge, the Board determined its best approach would be to form a working task force comprised of Board members, City Council representatives and interested members of the community at large.

With the moniker "Focus on the Future," the Parks & Recreation Strategic Plan Task Force spent close to a year developing a strategic plan for Upper Arlington's parks, public spaces, recreation and leisure facilities and the accompanying programming. During this process, all elements of the community's parks, recreation and leisure activities were considered, goals established and prioritized in order to map out immediate and long-term plans for the coming decades.

Identified Strategic Plan goals included:
  • Clearly define the purpose of the Parks & Recreation Department.
  • Inventory existing conditions.
  • Compare facilities and programs to national standards to help determine what Upper Arlington's standards and aspiration could/should be.
  • Engage in extensive community dialogue to provide opportunity for participation in the process by all stakeholders.
  • Identify community needs and desires.
  • Establish realistic short-term and long-term goals.
  • Develop strategies for responsible resource allocation to achieve the community's goals.
  • Produce a strategic document that is accountable, flexible and best reflects the overriding wishes of the community.
The working Task Force, comprised of 19 members, typically met twice a month. In addition, the Task Force scheduled and facilitated numerous focus groups, public meetings and neighborhood meetings late spring/early summer, and again in the fall. The Task Force also had a presence at several large community events, in order to chat first-hand with residents and obtain their ideas, and various survey tools were utilized to help obtain extensive community feedback.

The Strategic Plan Report was presented to City Council and subsequently adopted in April 2007.

Date of Record: 2014-01-16