City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

City Manager's Blog

Sep 7th, 2017
11:28 AM
about 6 months ago

In our neck-of-the-woods, traffic and parking always get a bit more hectic once OSU begins holding its home football games each year. To address these concerns and keep safety at the forefront, the City is again restricting parking for certain streets in close proximity to campus.

Hours of restriction include four hours before and four hours after each home game. "No Parking" signs will be placed and enforced along the fire hydrant side of the following streets:

  • Ashdowne Road
  • Berkshire, Essex, Guilford, Grenoble, and Barrington Roads between North Star Road and Northwest Boulevard
  • Cardiff and Doone Roads between North Star Road and Brandon Road
  • Beaumont Road between Grenoble Road and Lane Avenue

If you're planning on tailgating or driving to the game, please be advised that there will be a significant amount of construction and fewer available parking spaces. Cannon Drive will be closed as it is being relocated, and all connected lots will be removed, resulting in over 2,000 fewer parking spaces for game day. Click here for parking details.

If we all remain informed, courteous and orderly, we should make it through the hectic football season unscathed.