City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

City Manager's Blog

Aug 11th, 2017
11:10 AM
5 days ago

The Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Plan process is in full swing. Expected to take nine months to a year to complete, this review and planning process is seen as a vital step in guiding future decision-making on how to get the most value from our limited parkland and the facilities within them, while fulfilling the recreational wants and needs of the community.

Key elements of the process include:

  • Background Research and Analysis - to include demographics, trend analysis and benchmarking.
  • Public Engagement - to include interviews, focus groups, statistically valid surveys, online surveys and public meetings.
  • Evaluation of Existing Facilities, Operations and Programs - with emphasis on the Senior Center, tennis complex and athletic fields, with recommendations for future development.
  • Action Plan - final recommendations with outlines for implementation.

After a period of time spent mapping out how to accomplish this, the community engagement process is underway. A quick questionnaire is being used at various community events and recreation facilities, and is also available online, designed to obtain a high-level view of what residents love about our parks and recreation system and where improvement might be needed. A more detailed, statistically valid survey will be conducted this fall, with an online version also made available to provide additional depth to the feedback received and to allow everyone in our community to participate should they so choose.

Our consultants from PROS Consulting and OHM Advisors have been conducting phone interviews with various community leaders, and hosting meetings with groups that have included Parks & Recreation Department staff, UA Schools Administration, relevant Boards and Commissions, and representatives from the Senior Advisory Council, Northam Park Tennis Advisory Council, the Field Sports Advisory Group and Cultural Arts Commission.

On the immediate horizon are a series of Focus Group discussions, scheduled at various times on Wednesday, August 23 and Thursday, August 24, at the Municipal Services Center. Space is available for any residents interested in participating. Just click here for time options and to register. Please note, PROS Consulting is limiting attendance to one Focus Group per person in order to keep each group to about 15 participants and to obtain as many different resident perspectives as possible.

To register for one of the focus groups, click here.