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Infrastructure Projects

construction on berkshire
Driveway approach removal and replacement on Berkshire
The Engineering Division is responsible for the planning and oversight of all underground and surface infrastructure projects involving the City's public infrastructure. The division's efforts in this area are divided into two primary categories:

Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs)

Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) are the most comprehensive, substantial and involved projects. They are generally long-term projects that may take several months to complete. CIPs generally focus on a single street or issue. The work is performed by a contractor.  The Engineering Staff provides in-house construction inspection (or oversight if inspection is provided by a consultant) and coordinates construction with the affected property owners. Capital Improvement Projects can be categorized as follows:
  1. Street Reconstruction Program (SRP) - The focus of this work is the complete "ground-up" removal and replacement of a roadway - new pavement, new curb & gutter, new drive approaches, and the restoration of any affected lawn areas. This work may also include the installation of new underground utilities. Roadway Reconstruction projects tend to be multi-phased and quite involved; they frequently require the closure of the affected roadway for a period of several months.
  2. Utility Replacement - These projects generally focus on the replacement and installation of underground utilities such as Sanitary Sewer, Water Mains, Storm Sewer, and Street Lights. Utility replacement projects also tend to be quite involved and may require the closure of the affected roadway for several months.
  3. Bridge and Culvert Repair and Reconstruction - Bridge projects may include renovation or full replacement depending on the condition of the structure.  These projects typically require a detour of the traffic using the structure.  Construction may last as long as a month or an entire construction season.

Street Maintenance Program (SMP)

The Street Maintenance Program consists of projects designed to extend the useful life of a roadway's pavement and short sections of curb. These projects are generally surface projects and do not involve the full removal and replacement of the entire roadway or the reconstruction of the underground utilities. Street Maintenance Projects involve one of the following types of work:
  1. Mill & Overlay - This is a two-step process.
    1. The first step involves the grinding/milling/removal of the top surface of the pavement. During this one-day operation, vehicles need to be removed from the street (parked in drive or relocated to an adjacent side street). When complete, the street has a rough texture but is drivable as soon as the pavement is swept. This condition is temporary. The Overlay treatment usually follows within a week, weather and scheduling permitting.
    2. The second step, the Overlay, involves placing a tack coat (road tar) and a new (hot mix) asphalt surface. We typically require closing a street for a day. Vehicles being used should be relocated to an adjacent side street during this phase. Depending on the conditions, the street could be opened as soon as the final rolling operation is complete.
  2. Curb Replacement Projects - This work concentrates on the removal and replacement of poor curb and gutter (intersection to intersection) in locations where the roadway pavement does not need to be fully reconstructed. The work involves removal and replacement of the old curb and gutter, adjustment of the drive aprons, and restoration of the lawn area behind the curb including roof drains, irrigation systems, and turf. Following the installation of the curb, a new asphalt wearing surface is placed over the old pavement to match the new curb. Residents can expect to be displaced from their driveway for approximately 14 days during the removal, installation and curing of the concrete work and another day or two may be required during the placement of the asphalt surface.
  3. Seal Coat or "Slurry Seal" - This is typically a one-day operation that cost effectively helps to prolong the life of a pavement. A Seal Coat is a preventive maintenance treatment, similar to the seal coat type treatment applied to driveways and parking lots. It is a cold liquid emulsion mixed with finely graded aggregate (stone). The material is placed on the surface of the street to fill cracks and provide a new wearing surface. Depending on the weather it may take an entire day to cure and dry. Vehicles in use during this one-day operation should be relocated to an adjacent side street. When complete, the pavement is brown and has a rough texture.
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