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Engineering Division

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Road Construction Updates 

The Engineering Division is responsible for the management of capital improvement and private development projects that impact the City's public infrastructure, right-of-way, and stormwater management system.

The Engineering Division focuses its efforts in assisting the residents of Upper Arlington, the Professional Design Community, Public Utilities, Private Developers & the Private Contracting community.

The Engineering Division focuses on informing residents on what projects are scheduled in their area, how their local streets rate compared to other streets in the City, traffic related issues, how to receive a petition from the City for new Curb & Gutter or Sidewalk installation, and the types of permits needed if digging in the City Right-of-Way.

The division also assists with the Design Community by providing a list of pre-qualified design professionals, lists of current and upcoming design projects and studies as well as references to design standards and specifications.

The Development Community is part of the Engineering Division. We review plans affecting the City Infrastructure and for compliance with Stormwater Management practices and NPDES regulations, administer Development, ROW Construction, Stormwater Management permits, and provide inspection for work that affects the City's Infrastructure, Right-of-Way and Stormwater Management facilities.

We assist in Public Utilities, Contracting and Construction Communities by providing construction management and administration for Capital Improvement Projects, issuing and inspecting Right-of-Way Permits and Driveway Construction Permits, maintaining a list of current and upcoming construction projects, looking for on-line bidding in the near future, and how the City address Street Trees.

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News & Notices

  • 2018 Columbia Gas Mainline Replacement Projects
    Details of Columbia Gas' main gasoline replacement projects scheduled in UA for 2018. A public meeting is scheduled for July 11 for Charing & Margate project.
  • 2018 Sidewalk Maintenance Program
    In an effort to maintain a safe sidewalk network, the City has inspected northwest UA streets to identify sections in need of repair. Some homeowners will receive a letter soon notifying them of work required on their part. Check here for more
  • Street Ratings App
    Our Engineering Division has created a Street Ratings App via the GIS site, allowing residents to check the ratings for their streets. Click here for more.