City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Information Technology Department


The Information Technology Department (IT) oversees and guides all technology-related activities associated with the delivery of products and services managed by every department of the City. We provide a strategic framework and direction for leveraging technology to create business value. Specific functions and services provided by IT include:
Help Desk Support
The Help Desk provides desktop and network support for City departments and is responsible for distributing and maintaining desktop hardware and software. Help Desk services focus on three main goals - increasing productivity, reducing costs through the use of standards, and improving end-user satisfaction. 
Telecommunication, Network and Security Services 
The primary role of Telecommunications is to facilitate voice, data and video communications for employees to perform their job and provide City services. Telecommunications is the underlining infrastructure that enables most technology operations for the City Government. 
Server and Application Support Services 
IT supports more than 60 departmental and 15 enterprise applications, ranging from off-the-shelf word processing and spreadsheet programs to customized programs for payroll and financial administration and support of City operations. A centralized email system and access to the Internet provide employees with efficient tools. 
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services 
IT provides support and expertise for the Geographic Information System (GIS). Many City departments use the system to make better decisions for the community. For example, GIS will map the location of water lines, and provide the most direct route for emergency personnel to follow in urgent situations. 
Consulting Services 
City employees rely on Information Systems for expertise to determine new ways to meet their needs through technology. IT keeps abreast of the rapidly changing technology market and recommends cost-effective solutions that integrate with existing systems and promote efficiency. 

Core Values 

The staff of the Information Technology Department is committed: 
  • To administration and support; To provide quality services and products to our users; 
  • To assist the management team with fostering a customer-focused environment; 
  • To be team spirited; 
  • To cultivate a positive atmosphere; 
  • To assist our users in a courteous and professional manner; 
  • To seek every opportunity to improve the process; 
  • To be friendly, fair, honest, respectful and cordial to co-workers and users; 
  • To strive for efficiency and accountability; 
  • To be responsive, dependable and timely; 
  • To be motivated and professional while being committed to the Continuous Improvement Process initiated by the management of the City of Upper Arlington Government.