City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Roads, Curbs & Sidewalks

Arlington Avenue 2010 waterline construction
2010 waterline installation project along
Arlington Avenue

Our most visible infrastructure networks are our roads and sidewalks, and all that comes with them. As an older community, Upper Arlington faces many challenges in its efforts to maintain and enhance a safe and aesthetically pleasing network that connects motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians with convenient access to their destinations.

Reinvesting in our roadways has been a priority of City Council and the Administration for many years, with a seven-year Capital Improvements Program in place that is continually looking ahead and prioritizing significant road improvement projects.

This section of Public Service Department website provides you with access to information relative to roads, curbs and sidewalks in our community, including:

  • The Street Maintenance Program - routine roadway repair and maintenance practices designed to prolong the life of our roadways;
  • Infrastructure Projects - more significant construction projects;
  • Sidewalk Petition Process - steps involved for neighborhoods seeking to install new sidewalks;
  • Curb and Gutter Petition Process - steps involved for seeking the installation of curbs and gutters;
  • Streetlight/Traffic Issues - online reporting form;
  • Daily work schedule for Public Service Department crews.


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News & Notices

  • Road Construction Updates
    The 2018 construction season will be here before we know it. Residents on or close to Charing, Dorset, Cheshire, Osborn, Inchcliff and Grace are invited to a March 28 meeting in advance of waterline replacement work.
  • Street Ratings App
    Our Engineering Division has created a Street Ratings App via the GIS site, allowing residents to check the ratings for their streets. Click here for more.
  • Register for ALERT Franklin County
    With mosquito season fast approaching, register for ALERT Franklin County so you can receive mosquito spraying notifications to your phone and email. Customize your account for messages from Police, Fire, Public Service and more.