City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Police Community Services

The Police Division offers several community service programs to its residents, including:

  • The Kind Call computerized check-in program typically utilized by older adults in the community, coordinated in conjunction with the Upper Arlington Commission on Aging;
  • Project Lifesaver, a new program offered to residents in late 2009/early 2010, for family members who are at risk of wandering away from home and becoming lost and disoriented as a result, including those with Alzheimer's disease or other related mental dysfunction disorders;
  • Bicycle Patrol, designed to provide a more personal response to the needs of the residents and to supply patrol activity in congested areas such as shopping centers and parks;
  • Vehicle Speed Monitoring Programs to help identify any speeding issues that may or may not exist within neighborhoods;
  • Fingerprinting services;
  • Temporary Home/Office Vacancy options

 Brochure - Police Division Services

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News & Notices

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  • Wildlife Control
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  • 911/Dispatching Consolidation Updates
    At the February 13 City Council Meeting, Council voted unanimously on a Motion directing the City Manager to proceed with the consolidation of 911/dispatching services with Dublin's Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Center.