City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

About UAPD

Patrol/Operations Bureau

The Patrol Section is divided into three non-rotating shifts providing 24-hour, seven-day-a-week emergency and non-emergency law enforcement response to the community. Two Patrol Sergeants, with A-Company, B-Company and C-Company each having nine officers, supervise each shift. Patrol Sergeants also provide general supervision of Detectives, the Holding Facility, and the Communications Unit. 

Special Event Planning is also handled by the Operations Bureau Lieutenant (i.e., Fourth of July and Labor Day events, Columbus Marathon planning).

Staff/Investigative Bureau

The Staff/Investigative Bureau oversees the Criminal Investigations Section, which is broken down into specialized units.  Detectives assigned to these units can investigate crimes outside of their specialization but are highly trained to investigate specific types of crime.  The specialized units include:  crimes against persons, crimes against property, juvenile crimes, financial crimes, and vice/narcotics/intelligence complaints

The Staff/Investigative Lieutenant is responsible for Internal Affairs complaints.

The Records Unit is responsible for the central records function and maintaining various reports.

The Court Liaison Officer serves as Bailiff during Upper Arlington Mayor's Court and attends hearings in Franklin County courts on behalf of Upper Arlington Police Officers.

Support Services Bureau

The Support Services Bureau Lieutenant serves as the division's Accreditation Manager and is responsible for maintaining the division's accredited status.

The Training Section plans, develops and conducts training programs and is responsible for overseeing the Reserve and Auxiliary Programs. The Community Relations Unit offers a variety of safety-related and crime prevention programming to the community. The Holding Facility is used to hold
prisoners/detainees, and undergoes an annual State inspection to ensure compliance with required mandates for a six-hour temporary holding facility.
The Property Room provides a secure storage location for property/evidence.

The Communications Unit provides 24-hour emergency/non-emergency communication between the public, police, fire and public services.

Training Section
The Training Section is comprised of one Sergeant and one Officer, who coordinate all required and elective training for Police Division personnel.

Community Relations Unit
The Community Relations Unit is comprised of two officers, and offers more than 90 safety related and crime prevention programming to the community. The Unit also teaches the DARE Program in all Upper Arlington public, private and parochial schools.

Holding Facility
The Upper Arlington Police Division operates a Holding Facility that is classified through the Ohio Bureau of Adult Detention (OBAD) as a "Temporary Holding Facility" and, as such, is audited/inspected and approved each year by the OBAD and Franklin County Health Department.

Property Room
The Property Custodian is assigned to the Support Services Bureau and is responsible for receiving and processing all evidence and lost/recovered property. As governed by law, the Property Custodian coordinates all evidence processing with the appropriate authorities and returns/destroys property as directed by the court. The Property Custodian also arranges narcotics destruction and firearms disposals as directed by State law.

Communications Unit
The Communications Unit is charged with providing 24-hour coverage of all emergency/non-emergency communications between the public, police, fire and public services. In addition, the Communications Unit also monitors the Kind Call Resident Check-In service.

The Communications Center has a total staff of seven full-time technicians. Additional permanent and on-call part-time personnel assist with coverage. The Center is staffed seven days a week and 24-hours a day. In addition to communications duties, communications staff also serves as Deputy Clerks of Court for Mayor's Court and are trained in matron duties.

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News & Notices

  • 911/Dispatching Consolidation Updates
    At the February 13 City Council Meeting, Council voted unanimously on a Motion directing the City Manager to proceed with the consolidation of 911/dispatching services with Dublin's Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Center.
  • Register for ALERT Franklin County
    With mosquito season fast approaching, register for ALERT Franklin County so you can receive mosquito spraying notifications to your phone and email. Customize your account for messages from Police, Fire, Public Service and more.
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