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Arts in Community Education

The Cultural Arts Division believes in fostering an appreciation for and participation in the arts at a young age. To fulfill this mission, a major programming element is the Arts in Community Education program. Programming encompasses many arts areas including music, dance, literary arts, theater, visual arts, and multidisciplinary arts.

The Arts in Community Education Program:

  • With support of the Upper Arlington Board of Education the Arts in Community Education Program provides funding and planning assistance for the City's public, private, and parochial schools to contract with local artists to conduct on site workshops, residencies, and performances.
  • Organizes/curates three visual arts exhibitions of students' work from all grade levels at the City's Concourse Gallery. 
  • Mentoring students in creative endeavors. Learn more about mentoring here.

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Artist Residency Program

The purpose of the Arts in Community Education Program is to promote the advocacy of arts education and make the arts an integral part of learning for students in grades K - 12 within the city's public, private and parochial schools. Funding and planning assistance is provided to place professional artists in our schools and community settings and foster involvement in the visual, literary, musical, theatrical and performing arts. Artists can visit schools for assemblies, performances, workshops and residences.

These activities bring the artists in contact with our community and encourage cooperation and networking among teachers, artists, students and others. Furthermore, support is provided for resources that cultivate and enhance learning experiences in the arts. These resources could enhance regular arts curricula over a prolonged period of time or be for a specific program or gallery exhibition. This resource must be for programming not normally available through other means.

4 Step Plan for Successful Programming

  1. Meet with appropriate school staff and interested parents to plan the year's programming.
  2. If you want the City to contract with the artist directly - fill in the City of Upper Arlington Invoice form and submit. If you are seeking reimbursement the City will need an invoice from the school or PTO. You may also use the reimbursement template. One of the three must be submitted via fax 614-437-8656 or mail to AiCE 3600 Tremont Road, Upper Arlington, OH 43221.
  3. Follow the procedures listed on the School Procedures form. Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly and follow the directions to ensure payment.
  4. Distribute evaluation sheets to all AiCE program participants. These forms must be turned in to ensure payment.

    Download Art in Community Education Forms
2016 Arts in Community Education School Programs
  • Upper Arlington High School - Jazz Pero Band
  • Hastings Middle School - Wayne Peltz
  • Jones Middle School - No Promises
  • Tremont Elementary - BalletMet
  • Windermere Elementary - Eric "The Fish" Paton
  • Wellington School - Eric Rausch
2015 Arts in Community Education School Programs
  • Upper Arlington High School - Dana Harper
  • Hastings Middle School - Mark Abbati
  • Jones Middle School - Dan Colvin
  • Greensview Elementary School - Sobalance Odyssey
  • Wickliffe Elementary - Columbus Jazz Orchestra
  • Windermere Elementary - Heather Wetzel
  • St. Andrew School - Eric Paton
  • Wellington School - Terry Maloney-Houston


There is a multitude of studies that support that arts in education benefit the students both inside and beyond the art and music classrooms. Find more information at:

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