City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Taxes in Upper Arlington

Local Income Tax

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A 2.5% municipal income tax is imposed on anyone who earns income
in the City of Upper Arlington as well as residents who earn income elsewhere. An offsetting credit up to 2.5% is available when income tax has been paid to another municipality.
Estimated quarterly payments are required when local income tax is not automatically withheld from income, provided the annual liability is $100
or greater.
All residents aged 18 years or over must file an annual income tax return or a  "Tax Exemption Form" with the City of Upper Arlington regardless of whether any tax is due.  The deadline for returns each year is April 15.
Income tax return forms can be obtained by clicking the above links, from the UA Public Libraries, or by contacting the Tax Division, at 614-583-5284.
Click here to download income tax forms from the Regional Income Tax Agency.

Click here for details of RITA's E-FILE and E-PAYMENTS services.

Property Tax

Effective 2018, an annual effective tax rate of $76.90 per $1,000 valuation is charged for residential property in Upper Arlington.  The assessed valuation is approximately 35 percent of the appraised value of the property.  The Franklin County Treasurer collects property taxes and remits the City its portion of $6.05 per $1,000 of assessed valuation.

Sales Tax

A 7.5 percent sales tax is imposed on taxable purchases in Franklin County.
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  • Online Utility Bill Payments
    Stormwater and Solid Waste Utility bills are in the mail to UA households. Check here for information about this semi-annual invoice from the City and to pay your bill online.
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