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Tree CityUpper Arlington enjoys one of the highest recycling rates in the state (45.2%) and has been named a Tree City USA every year since 1990. The City signed the Central Ohio Green Pact in 2007 and became the first Central Ohio community to assess its own carbon footprint. In that spirit, the City established the UA Green Team, with the goal of becoming a Central Ohio leader for green communities. The UA Green Team's goal is to reduce the City's ecological footprint through reductions in energy use, waste and emissions. Thus far, the Green Team has a number of notable accomplishments:

  • Drafted a new Sustainability section of the City's Master Plan;
  • Replaced incandescent lights bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs at the Amelita Mirolo Barn;
  • Helped modify existing building and zoning codes to become more environmentally-friendly;
  • Worked with the Franklin Soil & Water Conservation District to update our Stormwater Master Plan;
  • Established numerous rain gardens at Sunny 95 Park, Fancyburg Park and Kingsdale;
  • Induction lighting is used in all street lights, including 15-watt bulbs in the Historic District;
  • Exploring solar electric and thermal installations on City facilities; and
  • Continue to plant over 650 park and street trees each year.
  • Upper Arlington was a founding member of the Central Ohio Green Pact, a regional sustainability approach with goals of enhancing and protecting the quality of life and economic vitality of the region. Click here to view a short video about this regional initiative.
  • The City is updating its Progress Report since 2007 and will be posted soon.

Easy, Quick Ways to Save Money:

  • Turn the hot water heater down to 120-degrees;
  • Install a programmable thermostat and limit usage when away from home or sleeping;
  • Purchase EnergyStar labeled products when replacing appliances;
  • Use ceiling fans and only run the dishwasher or washing machine when full;
  • Only run the washing machine in cold water;
  • Install low-flow showerheads and faucets, as well as water heat blankets;
  • Caulk and glaze drafty windows; and
  • Replace light bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs.

Home Energy Programs:

AEP Ohio and Columbia Gas of Ohio each offer low-cost home energy audits. During these audits, you'll receive a box of CFL light bulbs, LED night light, programmable thermostat and low-flow shower heads. Substantial rebates are available from each utility for implementing recommended improvements, upwards of 70 percent.

Working with AEP Ohio, the City, Schools, Library and Chamber rounded up more than 900 participants in the AEP Energy Savers program.  Meeting this number allowed the City to obtain a grant to cover outdoor lightings costs at the revamped Northam Park, as well as sustainability roadmap in conjunction with the Sustainability Master Plan.

You don't need to be a Columbus resident to join 10,000 other regional participants in the Columbus GreenSpot initiative.

Interesting Facts about Sustainability in UA:

  • Just by following the City's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO/zoning code), nearly all commercial development is eligible for LEED-certification. Recent examples include the new Key Bank branch on Henderson Road, as well as the remodeled Fifth Third Bank also on Henderson Road and new Homewood Suites hotel on Lane Avenue;
  • Electric vehicle charging station available at Walgreens (3141 Tremont Road) and soon to Whole Foods (Lane Avenue);
  • A solar-powered crosswalk is in service at the intersection of North Star Road and Guilford Road;
  • All food scraps (375 pounds) from the 2012 Labor Day Arts Festival were composted and 168 bikes were parked, traveling a combined 799.4 miles to the 2011 event;
  • The City's outdoor lighting standards follow the Dark Skies® model in order to preserve the night sky;
  • The 25,000 SF of rain gardens at Sunny 95 Park remains the largest installation in central Ohio; and
  • All traffic signals and pedestrian crossing signals have been converted to LED bulbs.

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