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Food Vendors

Link to the 2018 Refreshment application for Food Cart, Trailer or Truck here!

Link to the 2018 Refreshment application for Tent or Open Cooking here!

Come for the Cart and stay for the Art

Watch this  space to see who we will have in 2018!

Find a treat for all your senses!

Download our 2017-2018 Food Truck Safety Guidelines here.

Food Truck Safety Guidelines For Festivals and Public Events in Upper Arlington

1. A fire extinguisher(s) of the proper size and type for the fire hazard(s) presented by the truck and its equipment is      required (Minimum size is 2A:10BC).
   a. Each fire extinguisher must have a current annual inspection tag.
   b. K-class extinguishers are required for trucks using deep fat fryers.

2. Trucks with built-in automatic suppression systems must have a current inspection tag.

3. All fueled equipment (propane, gasoline, diesel fuel, etc.) must be properly connected to its fuel source and operated  per manufacturer’s and Ohio Fire Code requirements.

4. Combustible materials must be properly separated from heat and ignition sources.

5. All electric extension cords used must be in good condition. Damaged, frayed, or altered cords will not be allowed.

6. This is a list of the deficiencies most commonly found during our food truck inspections and does not cover every  requirement. All safety requirements of the Ohio Fire Code will be enforced.

Feel free to contact the Upper Arlington Fire Prevention Office, if you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines and your food truck configuration. Our telephone number is 614-583-5115.

Please follow these SWACO best practices to help us with waste reduction in Upper Arlington. 

We will have recycling and trash receptacles located throughout the Festival and flags to help you and our patrons find them. 

Please consider these questions when preparing for our event this year

1. What items will be served or are available for guests?

2. How are the items packaged?

3. Can you provide reusable service ware (i.e. tablecloths, silverware, glasses, mugs, plates and cloth napkins that can be washed and reused)?

4. If not, will you provide recyclable items?

Note: Plastic cups, plates, and utensils aren't accepted for recycling and most composting facilities cannot process 'compostable' bio-plastics.


We want you to adopt these practices:

· No Polystyrene/ Styrofoam

· Break down and recycle cardboard (we will come by throughout the day with golf carts to collect this)

· No relocating bins without approval

· Swap plastic cups for reusable or paper (non-wax) cups

· Make napkins available upon request only

· Offer bulk condiment dispensers

· ‘Leave no trace’ after the event

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