City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Emergency Operations

All emergency services are delivered by 49 Fire Division personnel over three 24-hour shifts. Every uniformed member of UAFD, both staff and operations, are certified to State of Ohio fulltime firefighter, emergency medical technician, and Hazmat Operations levels. Some personnel are also certified as rescue and hazmat technicians.

The city is served by fulltime firefighting staff on one engine/rescue company, one ladder company, two medic companies, and a unit captain who is the field supervisor and incident commander at emergency scenes. UAFD also maintains a reserve medic and a reserve fire engine for use when the front-line apparatus are undergoing vehicle maintenance. The Emergency Operations personnel work in three platoons (called "units") of eighteen members each. Minimum manning for each shift is 13, with at least four firefighters on each fire truck and at least two firefighters on each medic vehicle.

Although fire, EMS, hazmat, and rescue incidents make up the majority of emergencies that are responded to, there are numerous other services that the residents, businesses, and visitors of Upper Arlington call for. Most people don't realize that firefighters respond to reports of "foreign odors"; "inability to change smoke detector battery"; "person needing helped back to bed"; and a plethora of others.

It has become routine in not only UA, but a good deal of the United States, to see a fire truck arrive at the scene of EMS incidents. In Upper Arlington, there is always a minimum of one paramedic assigned to each fire apparatus. Along with a full complement of emergency medical gear, this provides the city with a rapid response to EMS calls even when the medic units are already on other runs.

The personnel assigned to the ladder company also perform the duties of a decontamination unit during hazardous materials responses. This is done as part of standing agreements with the other fire departments of the Northwest Area Strike Team (NAS-T), where each department has committed to providing a hazmat specialty. In the event of a prolonged incident of this type, where the ladder personnel respond in the UAFD decontamination truck and trailer, off-duty personnel will be called-in to man the ladder truck until the resolution of the hazmat incident.

In the same fashion, the personnel assigned to the engine company also perform the duties of a rescue unit during responses to entrapments resulting from vehicle crashes, confined space emergencies, building collapses, and the like. The major difference is that the majority of these incidents are responded to and managed from the primary vehicle, which is equipped as both an engine and a rescue unit. In the case of a major incident where even more specialized equipment and manpower is needed, UAFD can call on the resources of the Central Ohio Strike Team (COST), the rescue equivalent of the NAS-T hazmat component.

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News & Notices

  • 911/Dispatching Consolidation Updates
    At the February 13 City Council Meeting, Council voted unanimously on a Motion directing the City Manager to proceed with the consolidation of 911/dispatching services with Dublin's Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Center.
  • Register for ALERT Franklin County
    With mosquito season fast approaching, register for ALERT Franklin County so you can receive mosquito spraying notifications to your phone and email. Customize your account for messages from Police, Fire, Public Service and more.
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