City of Upper Arlington, Ohio



  • An Artist-provided-tent space (10’ x 10’) is $125.00. A Festival-provided-tent space (10’ x 10’) is $200.00. Corner spaces, by request and based on availability are $25 extra. All displays must be kept inside your allotted space. No additional tables or displays are permitted in the right-of-way. Please consider this when deciding whether a single or double space will best suit your needs.
  • All tents or canopies must be flame resistant. Documentation is required to support this.  Tents will be inspected on site by Fire Personnel.  They will insist your tents are anchored, not just weighted.  All 4 corners must be anchored to the ground.  I cannot stress enough how serious our Fire Division is about this--every tent will be inspected and artists will be made to be in compliance.  Tents must be anchored on all four corners to withstand 80 mph winds. Stakes and ropes must be used for this purpose. Weights are not acceptable as the only means of anchoring your tent.
  • Responsibility of compliance rests with the artist. Fire Prevention Office personnel at 614-583-5119 will answer any questions concerning the above guidelines.

Our on-site jurors will judge artists' work in their festival booth. All exhibits must be in place by 10 a.m. Monday, September 5 as judging will begin at that time. Award recipients will be invited to return next year without jurying and will receive an open space at no charge.

Each artist must be present and oversee his/her work. Booths may not be moved from the assigned space before 4:15 p.m. For your comfort we suggest you furnish your own table, chairs, and umbrellas for shade.

Electrical service is not available. Generators are not permitted. Batteries are not permitted.

The Upper Arlington Arts Festival does not take a percentage of artist's profits. The artist handles all sales.


  • Free parking provided in a lot set aside for the artists
  • A continental breakfast
  • An opportunity to order box lunches (delivered to each booth)
  • Volunteers for booth sitting with advanced scheduling
  • An extensive marketing campaign (print media, television, social and radio)
  • $1,350 in awards
  • 100 postcards by request so that artists can notify their customers about the event and/or a pdf of the postcard for emailing and blurbs for facebook and twitter
  • Programs published with the artists’ names, a map of the festival area and the festival events sent to 27,000 households and available on site for patrons
  • A well-marked map and list of nearby motels
  • Set-up/Inspections/Registration on Sunday, September 2, 1–6 p.m.,or Monday, September 3 from 7–8:30 a.m.