City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Jurying Process

Every year the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival Jury works hard to bring the best and brightest of festival artists to this premier event. Over 190 artists will represent a variety of media including ceramics and drawing to fiber, jewelry, painting, glass, sculpture, photography and wood meaning the Festival offers something for everyone's artistic palate.

In 2008 the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival went digital. Many festivals have already gone over to digital jurying citing ease for artists and promoters and the unavailability of image projectors and carousels in an industry embracing digital verses images. The industry standard is a process known as Zapp and was developed by WESTAF.

ZAPP enables individual artists to apply online to multiple art shows, either through a central Web site,, or through the Web sites of specific art shows. The online application process also allows artists to directly upload digital images of their artwork for jury review. The result is that all artwork in the system is in a consistent, high quality, digital format. The digital images are presented to the jurors of each show, and the system allows them to score online. Visit for more information.

Our jury convenes in March and includes 3 jurors that have been chosen on the basis of their experiences in working with a broad spectrum of fine arts and fine crafts. The jury previews each category then the four images, three of work and one of booth, provided by the artists are reviewed simultaneously at a more deliberate pace. Jurors enter their individual scores next to a corresponding number for each artist on individual computers. Work is evaluated using a scale of 1-7 (seven is best) and the mean and median of each category is then calculated to determine what work will be accepted, rejected, or put on a wait list.

Artist notification will be sent via email; please make sure yours is up to date. Artists should reply using our paperwork, not change their status on Zapp. Artists cannot pay their booth fees through Zapp. Booth fees are $125/10x10' space for an artist-provided tent and $200/10x10' space for a festival-provided tent. A corner space may be requested for an additional $25 fee. Please provide credit card information as requested or make checks payable to the City of Upper Arlington. In the event of cancellations, no fees will be refunded after August 1, 2018. We understand emergency cancellations may arise-they will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Each artist must be present and oversee his/her work. Booths may not be moved from the assigned space before 4:15 p.m. For your comfort we suggest you furnish your own table, chairs, and umbrellas for shade. Electrical service is not available. Generators are not permitted. Batteries are not permitted.

The Upper Arlington Arts Festival does not take a percentage of artists' profits. The artist handles all sales.