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The ZAPP System
ZAPP enables individual artists to apply online to multiple art shows through a central Web site, Zapplication The online application process also artists to directly upload digital images of their artwork for jury review. The result will be that all artwork in the system will be in a consistent, quality, digital format. High-resolution digital images of artwork will be presented to the jury of each show, and slide projectors will be replaced with high-resolution projectors connected to a specialized digital media player called a Roku HD1000. The online application system will also enable jurors to score online.

Fun Facts About Zapp

  • 68,167 - Number of email addresses signed up to receive the weekly Wednesday email.
  • 46,340 - Number of artists signed up for the ZAPP Postcard (direct mail) List.
  • 34,684 - Number of artists signed up to receive Single Show Announcements.

Benefits to Artists

  • Using ZAPP is free to artists. 
  • ZAPP resides on the Internet, so artists can manage applications while traveling. 
  • Artists can manage multiple applications through ZAPP. 
  • Contact information only needs to be entered once into ZAPP. 
  • ZAPP is paperless. 
  • ZAPP's e-mail ability allows immediacy in communication. 
  • Artists save money on reproductions of slides. 
  • Artists will be able to upload up to 20 digital images to be stored in an online portfolio. Artists will select which images to submit for each show. 
  • ZAPP provides consistent projection quality for jurors. 
  • Artists' images and information are kept secure and confidential. 

Internet & E-mail
In order to apply to shows using ZAPP, you must use a computer that has Internet access. ZAPP works with broadband cable or DSL Internet connections, as well as with a 56k dial-up connection.

You must have an e-mail address to use ZAPP. If you do not have an e-mail address, establish a free account with Yahoo! or Hotmail.

To access ZAPP, you will need a computer, preferably no more than eight years old. You are not required to have a printer.

You do not need any special software to access ZAPP. If you are formatting your own images you will need an image management software. ZAPP recommends Photoshop Elements.

How to Apply to Shows
Artists can apply through ZAPP by following these steps:
1. Prepare your artwork images formatted to the Image Preparation specifications.
2. Create a profile by entering basic contact information and creating a username and password to ZAPP.
3. Upload up to 40 digital images of your artwork to your image portfolio.
4. Apply to your choice of participating shows.
5. Choose the required number of images to apply to a specific show from your image portfolio.
6. Submit an application online.
7. Pay the application fee online with a credit card or mail in a check.
8. Artists receive e-mail notifications when their applications have been received and when they have been accepted or declined.
9. Artists can view their application status at any time on the My ZAPPlications page and can choose to accept or decline show invitations.

Image Specifications for ZAPP
To apply to art shows, fairs and festivals through ZAPP, please size your images to the following dimensions:
Dimensions: 1920 pixels horizontal /1920 pixels vertical
File Format: Baseline JPG (do not use progressive JPG format)
Compression: Please size your image to be no more than 1.8 MB in file size. On average, your image will be roughly 1.2 MB. Larger is not necessarily better. Please consult a professional vendor to determine if compression for your artwork is needed.PLEASE DO NOT SAVE YOUR JPG AS A PROGRESSIVE JPG FILE. Progressive JPGs will be read by the Web site. However the large format images used during the jury will not work properly if the files are saved as progressive files.

Media: Internet submissions only.
File Name: ZAPP will automatically rename your files

Please size your image to be 1920 pixels on both edges. If your image is not square, please mask your image with black to bring your image to 1920x1920 pixels. No other size will be accepted for jury use.

If your image is vertical, please format with black vertical bands on the left and right.

If your image is horizontal, please format with black horizontal bands on the top and bottom.
Preparing Images for Uploading
Following are generic instructions for reducing the resolution (making the picture smaller) in a number of photo-editing programs. The steps may vary slightly depending on the program.

1. Start with an image that has at least one edge longer than 1920 pixels and saved as a tiff.
2. Open the image in a photo-editing program.
3. Open the Image Size or Resize dialog box, which is usually located in one of the toolbar menus.
4. For pictures to be viewed on screen, set the resolution to 72 ppi or dpi.
5. Take your longest edge and size it down to 1920 pixels, the shorter edge should size down in proportion.
6. Go to Canvas Size and expand the canvas around your shorter edge to 1920 pixels. If the canvas color is white change it to black.
7. Click Save As.
8. Rename the picture.
9. Save it in the JPEG format.
10. This preserves the original TIFF file (raw image) for future use.

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