City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Street Maintenance Program

Details of the Current Year Street Maintenance Program

The City's Street Maintenance Program (SMP) consists of treatments designed to prolong the useful life of a road. Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance is an economical way to provide a high level of service and protect the underlying structure of the road, ultimately extending the lifespan of the roadway structure. The work typically associated with the City's Street Maintenance Program includes:
  • Mill & Overlay - removal and replacement of the top layer of pavement;
  • Slurry Seal - seal coating process used as a surface treatment;
  • Curb Replacement
Another component of the City's Street Maintenance Program is the Curb Replacement Program (CRP), which is limited to those streets where the pavement is in good condition, the curb & gutter is in poor condition, and adequate slope is available behind the curb to allow yard drainage.

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News & Notices

  • Street Ratings App
    Our Engineering Division has created a Street Ratings App via the GIS site, allowing residents to check the ratings for their streets. Click here for more.
  • Bicycle Infrastructure Capstone Project
    High School student, Charles Pei, has completed a thorough study on the value of bicycle infrastructure in communities like Upper Arlington for his Capstone project.
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