City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Emergency Tree Work / Storm Damage

Image of uprooted tree
Trees containing significant decay are more
prone to storm damage.
If you believe that a tree is an immediate threat to public safety, or if trees damaged by severe weather are obstructing the street or sidewalk, contact the Division of Parks & Forestry at 614-583-5340. Outside of normal business hours, emergencies can be reported to the Police/Fire Communications Center at 614-583-5410. The Communications Center is open 24 hours per day.

The City is responsible for cleaning up debris from City street trees (trees in the City's right of way). Debris from private trees is the responsibility of the property owner. However, the City will clear private debris off of streets or sidewalks, and will take action to abate immediate hazards even if privately owned trees are involved. Emergency and storm clean up is prioritized using several criteria, and your patience is appreciated.

Never approach downed power lines. Report downed power lines to the Communications Center at 614-583-5410, or to the appropriate utility.

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