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New Street Tree

The City of Upper Arlington is known and admired for its beautiful urban forest, made possible over the course of many decades through the efforts of residents and the City alike.  An important contributor to beautifying our surroundings is the City's Street Tree Program, which enhances the majority of the community's neighborhood roads and major thoroughfares.

Tending to and replacing old or unhealthy trees in the public right-of-way is an ongoing and significant program that takes both time and financial resources.  To help expedite the planting of new street trees, residents are able to participate in the Cost Share Street Tree Program.

The Cost Share Street Tree Program allows residents to order new street trees through the City to take advantage of the City's wholesale purchasing power.

The price depends on size of tree ordered:

  • 1.5" caliper is $175
  • 2" caliper is $200

Planting is included in the price. Species selection does not affect price. Orders are taken anytime, with planting scheduled twice per year (spring & fall).

All trees are guaranteed by the City, and will be replaced if necessary at no further cost to you. The City will offer quantity and species recommendations based on site conditions and your preferences. For further information, call 583-5340, or click on the Cost Share brochure or click on the Cost Share order form request.

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