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Potable Water Distribution

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The Water Distribution System conveys potable water provided by the City of Columbus from the Dublin Road and Morse Road plants to the homes and businesses of Upper Arlington. The Water Distribution System consists of approximately 148 miles of varying size waterline, 1,959 fire hydrants, and a 750,000 gallon elevated water tower located at Zollinger Road.

Fire Hydrant Repair
During the spring and fall, the Fire Division flushes fire hydrants to ensure they are in proper operating condition. Hydrants in need of repair are referred to the Utility Division.

Water Line Repair
Water line breaks are more prevalent during cold winter months and when the ground temperature goes through a freeze-thaw cycle. The City of Columbus is responsible for repairing all lines in Upper Arlington, with a few exceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who do I report water breaks to?
Call the Utility Division at 614-583-5385 during office hours. If you have an after hours emergency, contact the City of Columbus at 614-645-7788.

What causes orange-looking discolored water?
Discolored water is caused by the build up of iron and calcium deposits in the waterline. When water flow is interrupted by a line break or fire hydrant flushing, deposits can be stirred up, creating the colored water.

What do I do if I notice discolored water?
It usually takes three-to-four hours for water to clear. Periodically turn on your cold water and let it run for several minutes. Keep doing this until the cold water is clear. Do not use hot water or wash clothes until the water is clear.

What should I do if my water line freezes?
For homes built on slabs, the line likely froze where the pipe enters the home. You may be able to thaw the line by using a hair dryer and blowing hot air on this point. For homes with basements, the line into the home likely froze where it passes through concrete block into the home. Try using a hair dryer and blowing warm air down into the opening of the block wall where the water line enters the home.

How can I prevent my water line from freezing during cold weather?
Insulate pipes where freezing is likely to occur. If this is not possible, periodically turn on your water and let it run for several seconds, purchase a space heater to place in front of the pipes or purchase a heating coil that can be plugged in and wrapped around the pipes to keep them warm.

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News & Notices

  • Online Utility Bill Payments
    Stormwater and Solid Waste Utility bills are in the mail to UA households. Check here for information about this semi-annual invoice from the City and to pay your bill online.
  • Sustainable Sewer Solutions Project
    Following an extensive EPA mandated evaluation of the City's sanitary sewer system, the City has developed and begun implementing a remediation plan. Design work for 2018 work has started, to include onsite inspections of manholes.
  • Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW)
    Learn how to support this organization dedicated to keeping the Olentangy River and its tributaries clean and safe for all to enjoy, through public education, volunteer activities, and coordination with local decision makers.
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