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Storm Sewers

Storm Sewer System Explained

The Storm Sewer System conveys rain water from roof tops and roadways directly to streams that discharge into the Scioto and Olentangy rivers, without treatment. The Storm Sewer System consists of approximately 98 miles of varying size pipe, 2,100 manholes and 3,300 catch basins.

Catch Basin Cleaning
Each spring, the Utility Division checks all storm catch basins City-wide, removing leaves, bottles, sticks and rocks that may plug the sewer line, and also removing debris from the tops of grates to ensure drainage.

Catch Basin Repair
During warmer months, the Utility Division performs masonry repair to catch basins.

Culvert Inspection
On a quarterly basis, the Utility Division checks the City's 28 road culverts, removing limbs and debris that may restrict water flow. In addition, a quarterly inspection of Turkey Run is performed to ensure any obstructions or illegal dumping of yard waste is reported to the City's Code Compliance Division.

Line Repair
Line repairs are made throughout the year on broken storm tiles in the City right-of-way. On streets with drainage swales and no curb (unimproved streets), maintenance of pipes installed under driveways are the resident's responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why can't I dump chemicals into the storm sewer?
Storm sewers drain directly to streams which empty into the Scioto or Olentangy rivers, therefore chemicals are not filtered out before reaching natural waterways.

Every time it rains my back yard fills with water. What can I do?
Options include installing a rain garden or hiring a contractor to install a small yard drain in the area where the water ponds and pipe it out to the street.

Why can't my annual stormwater fee be used to make drainage improvements on my property?
The stormwater fee is used to repair and maintain the City's existing stormwater system. It is not designed to make improvements on private property.

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News & Notices

  • Online Utility Bill Payments
    Stormwater and Solid Waste Utility bills are in the mail to UA households. Check here for information about this semi-annual invoice from the City and to pay your bill online.
  • Sustainable Sewer Solutions Project
    Following an extensive EPA mandated evaluation of the City's sanitary sewer system, the City has developed and begun implementing a remediation plan. Design work for 2018 work has started, to include onsite inspections of manholes.
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