City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

General Road Maintenance

Road surface repaving
Public Works Division crew performing spot
road surface repaving work

The Public Works Division is responsible for the oversight of general annual roadway maintenance, to keep our roadways clean and in good working condition. Responsibilities include:

  • Pothole repair - typically required during and immediately following winter freeze/thaw conditions. Click here to report a pothole.
  • Crack sealing - performed on roads in an attempt to keep water out of the cracks, ultimately preventing or reducing the occurrence of potholes.
  • Street painting - maintaining visible road markings to delineate road lanes, painted bike lanes, school and pedestrian crossings, stopping points at intersections, and more.
  • Street signs - creating, installing and maintaining the hundreds of signs in the community used to display road names, road speeds, four-way stops, school crossing zones, no parking areas, and more.
  • Street sweeping - to keep our roads clear of debris

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News & Notices

  • Street Ratings App
    Our Engineering Division has created a Street Ratings App via the GIS site, allowing residents to check the ratings for their streets. Click here for more.
  • Bicycle Infrastructure Capstone Project
    High School student, Charles Pei, has completed a thorough study on the value of bicycle infrastructure in communities like Upper Arlington for his Capstone project.
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