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Leaf Collection

2017 Program Details 

The 2017 Leaf Collection Program is now complete. 

The 2017 leaf collection program will run from Monday, October 16 through Friday, December 8, weather permitting. The last day to rake leaves curbside is Sunday, December 3, for final collection the week of Monday, December 4 to Friday, December 8.  

Program Background

Each fall, the City of Upper Arlington provides curbside leaf collection services, typically between mid-October and early December, to assist residents with the disposal of leaves. This program is one of the City’s signature services and, as a result, staff in the Public Works Division is dedicated solely to this task throughout the duration of the program. On average, crews collect about 20,000 cubic yards of leaves each season from the City’s 346 lane miles of roadway. In addition to the abundance of trees on private property, there are over 17,000 trees in the City right-of-way.

Each season of leaf collection is different and we certainly appreciate your patience as we make our way through the City. The amount of time it takes us to complete a full round is dependent on the weather and how quickly the leaves have fallen. While there is no way to know how or when the leaves will fall each year, the weather we have during the summer months can play a significant role as weather can sometimes trigger an early start to trees shedding leaves. An early frost may also cause leaves to drop quickly.

Leaf Collection Tracking Map

Open Map in New Window  |   Download Tracking Map Instructions

While there is no set schedule for leaf collection, residents can now better anticipate collection dates by following the collection crews using the UA Leaf Collection Tracking Map below. The map is updated daily to show what streets crews have completed in each round of collection. While a set collection schedule will not be issued, residents can anticipate collection dates by following the collection crews as they move alphabetically through the designated zones. 

At the start of each round, we will have one truck in each of the six districts. Each truck will begin collections in zone A of their respective districts, working alphabetically through each zone until the district is complete. Crews will not begin the next round of collection in any district until all districts in the city have been completed.  If you have any questions, please contact the Public Service Department at (614) 583-5350. 



Round 1: October 16 – October 20 - COMPLETED

Round 2: October 23 – October 27 - COMPLETED

Round 3: October 30 – November 3 - COMPLETED

Round 4: November 6 – November 14 - COMPLETED

Round 5: November 15 – November 22 - COMPLETED

Round 6: November 27 - December 6 - COMPLETED

Last day to rake is Sunday, December 3

Final Collection: COMPLETE


Program Guidelines

Residents are asked to follow these guidelines when taking advantage of this program:

  • DO NOT PLACE LEAVES IN THE GUTTER OR ON THE STREET - Leaves should be placed on the grass behind the curb, close to the edge of the street, no further than two feet behind the curb.
  • Do not place rocks, sticks, firewood, pumpkins or any other objects in leaf piles. This can be extremely dangerous for our leaf collectors.  
  • Keep leaf piles away from sign posts, light poles, trees and mailboxes.
  • Do not allow leaf piles to block storm sewers as this can increase the chance of flooding in the event of heavy rain.
  • Parked vehicles need to be at least eight feet away from either side of leaf piles so that the collection crews have safe access to the leaves with their truck and leaf machine.

Full details of the city’s leaf collection efforts can be found in the UA Leaf Collection Plan.

 Proper Leaf Placement                       Hazardous Leaf Placement 



Hate Raking? Try Mulching!

Mulching is a great way to dispose of leaves without raking and can be done quickly and easily using any lawnmower. When the leaves begin to fall, mow your lawn just as if it were any other day, mowing over the leaves during each pass. Depending on the volume of leaves that have fallen on your lawn, it might take more than one pass to get the shreds to the desired size. To reap all the benefits of mulching, simply leave the shredded leaf bits in the grass. Eventually, they will filter through the grass and decompose, acting as a natural fertilizer and weed control agent.  Consider mulching on a weekly basis during the height of the season to help prevent the accumulation of too many leaves.

Please Note: When the City's leaf collection is not in effect, residents should place leaves in approved biodegradable bags or refuse cans as part of the City's Yard Waste Collection Program or may take advantage of free drop-off at Ohio Mulch, located at 4120 Roberts Road. Putting leaves out early or once the program has concluded may cause other residents to contact the City's Code Compliance Division. If the situation is not rectified following initial notification from the City, the Code Compliance Division is required to issue a formal notice to the property owner, with possible fines resulting.


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