City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Bicycle Patrol

The Bike Patrol began in Upper Arlington in 1994. It was designed to provide a more personal response to the needs of the residents and to supply patrol activity in congested areas such as shopping centers and parks.

The Bike Patrol is also utilized for parades, marathon runs and other functions where large groups of people are present and patrol cars cannot get into the crowd. Eight officers were selected from many who volunteered for this assignment. After the selection was made, the officers were sent to Bike Patrol School to learn fundamentals of police biking. The training included how to patrol on bikes, how to climb and descend steps, how to perform moving take-downs of suspects, as well as bike maintenance, health and nutrition tips.

Because of the expense of tailor-made uniforms, each officer chosen is required to dedicate two years to the program. Each bike officer may go out on patrol from headquarters on the bike and take calls just like any other police officer, or he/she may attach the bike to a carrier on the back of a cruiser and only put the bike into service as necessary.

The benefits of Bike Patrol are numerous. Bike Patrol provides officers the opportunity to utilize their talents in Community Oriented Policing techniques and assist in setting an example for residents as safe cyclists using equipment properly. The Bike Patrol also allows officers to patrol areas heavily congested with pedestrians, such as shopping centers, festivals, and parade routes.

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