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Citizen Police Academy

Police Academy 22017 Citizen Police Academy

Applications Accepted Through Friday, July 28
Program Dates: Thursdays, September 7 to November 9
If you've ever wondered just how much fiction and how much reality plays into the various crime shows on television, each fall the Upper Arlington Police Division offers some insight for those residents selected to participate in the Citizen Police Academy. 

From mid-September through early November, a group of up to 12 adults spend their Thursday evenings going behind the scenes, for a hands-on learning experience of law enforcement. Topics covered include:
  • Crime scene investigations
  • Crime prevention tips
  • Legal considerations and the laws of arrest
  • Defensive tactics
  • Firearms safety and training
  • Patrol tactics and traffic stop practices
  • Ride-along with a Police Officer
The Citizen Police Academy is designed to enhance the community's understanding and awareness of the many law enforcement and citizen safety activities conducted by the Police Division daily.
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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Where did the Citizen Police Academy concept originate?
The first program was held in Orlando, Florida in 1984. Since that time, many law enforcement agencies across the country have established similar programs, recognizing the value they bring to both residents and members of law enforcement agencies.

When does Citizen Police Academy meet?
The Police Division holds one Citizen Police Academy session per year, over a 10-week period from September to November. Students receive approximately 20 hours of instruction, provided by police officers. Attendance is required each week. The classes are held at no cost to the student.

Who can attend the Citizen Police Academy?
Any Upper Arlington resident or business owner/leader over the age of 21 years is eligible to participate in the program.

Is there a background investigation?
Yes. Applicants must not have a felony record, be free of a misdemeanor conviction within the past five years, and must be in good standing.
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How many students are chosen for the Academy?
The Academy is designed to involve a maximum of 12 students.

What do students learn at the Academy?
Students receive a broad range of instruction that remains flexible. Classes include constitutional law, search and seizure, property crimes, crimes against persons, use of force, defensive tactics, patrol operations, drunken driving enforcement and testing, crime scenes and history of policing.

Is the Academy a hands-on experience?
The sessions are designed so that students can actively participate in all aspects of instruction. Students handle display items and learn how to use some of the instruments.

Do I have to be physically fit to participate?
No. The experience is for all adults. You are not expected to run nor fight. The experience is designed to be fun for all participants.

What happens after graduation?
The division hopes alumni will serve to support the community's safety services in a variety of ways (community outreach, fundraising for safety programs, etc).
Contact:  Sergeant Dan Quigley, Police Division Training Unit
                614-583-5163  |

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