City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Celebration of Life

Tibor Miller Park

Alfred Tibor 2015
Miller Park Library, Arlington Ave & Tremont Rd roundabout
Northam Park Reading Garden

Celebration of Humanity

“Life is a celebration.” -Alfred Tibor

Invoking feelings and activities that take place in a park including movement, play, time spent with family and freedom, Celebration of Humanity can be found at the Miller Park Library and adjacent roundabout, Celebration of Humanity features life size sculptures by Tibor; Free, Movement and Ribbon Dancer as well as Hope, Father/Daughter and Tomorrow’s Hope in the Reading Garden at Northam Park.
Conceived as a partnership between the City of Upper Arlington’s Cultural Arts Division and Upper Arlington Public Library with support from the Cultural Arts Commission, Celebration of Humanity epitomizes a shared vision for enhancing our community spaces with art. We invite you to visit these works and feel inspired to celebrate life.

Learn more about Alfred Tibor's work here.

Project pARTners:


City of Upper Arlington
Cultural Arts Commission
UA Community Foundation’s UA Arts Fund


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