City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Movement: Impressions of UA

Mallway Park Renovation
With a renewed focus on park improvements and public beautification projects throughout the community in recent years, the City recognized the need for renovations at the Mallway Park. The sidewalks were falling into a state of disrepair and the park's configuration was not open and inviting to the public.In 2004, the Parks & Recreation Department held a community "charette" to discuss new ideas and encourage feedback on what residents and the surrounding businesses would like the park to become.

Movement: Impressions of Upper Arlington
As ideas were explored, the renovation project was recognized as an ideal opportunity to incorporate art in some way, and the project entitled Movement: Impressions of Upper Arlington, was born. Artist Jennifer Hines of Chicago, Illinois was selected to create the work, by impressing artistic images of the area's history since 1920 into the concrete of the sidewalks. Movement: Impressions of Upper Arlington, was created under the charge of the Cultural Arts Division for the City of Upper Arlington, in pARTnership with UA Arts. It was completed in September of 2005.

History of The Mallway
The community of Upper Arlington first took shape in the area south of Lane Avenue, initially founded in 1913 by Ben and King Thompson who envisioned an idealistic residential community for Columbus. In 1916, as the United States became involved in World War I, plans were temporarily sidetracked as the area became home to 8,000 National Guard troops, destroying much of the initial work. Back on track by 1920, adjustments were made to the "Pitkin Plan" for the community, making way for the Mallway business district. By 1930, the Mallway became home to the first City Hall, comprised of a brand new Fire Division, the community's Police Division and administrative offices, a building that now houses Fire Station #71. Not long after, more public uses followed, adding a mixed-use synergy to the district well before its time, with the Devon outdoor pool facility and the former high school building which now serves as Jones Middle School, and the Mallway Park located in the heart of the area.

Artist - Jennifer Hines
Jennifer attended the University of Washington, graduating March 2001 with a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing and a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking. She completed her Master of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Printmaking and Sculpture at Penn State University in 2004. Jennifer has exhibited at various locations nationwide in solo, group, and juried shows, where she shows work focusing on the human body and experiences. Her work was part of a three-person group show entitled "Embodiment" in the Upper Arlington Concourse Gallery in October 2004, where her pieces focused on the idea of negative space and the body. It was through this show that Jennifer came into contact with the Cultural Arts Division and Parks & Recreation staff, who wanted a contemporary way to incorporate The Mallway's history as part of the 2005 renovation project.

Through this collaboration, the idea of impressing objects into the sidewalk to create negative spaces reflective of the use of the Mallway over the years was established, researched and implemented. Jennifer found working with the Upper Arlington staff for Movement: Impressions of Upper Arlington to be a great experience and was happy to be a part of Art in Community Spaces at the Mallway. Jennifer currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

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