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The Arlington Hall Gallery is located on both levels of the Municipal Services Center in spaces that connect visitors and employees to the community of Upper Arlington.  The flexibility of the Arlington Hall Gallery allows us to take advantage of sudden opportunities and a need for our community to showcase its creativity. 

She Has a Name: The Survivor Journey
Upper Gallery
On view through October 31

She Has a Name is committed to engaging the community, strengthening partner organizations, and equipping survivors through workforce development. We join together declaring that survivors of human trafficking have a name, a nobility, and a narrative.

Everyone’s story is different.  Anyone from anywhere from any walk of life can experience the effects of human trafficking. Men, women and children. Foreign nationals, colleagues, neighbors. She Has a Name’s Survivor Journey Art Gallery invites you to consider one fictional story from the lense of “what if.”

*Temporarily on Hiatus*

Portrait of An American Town
Julius Foris | Alfred Clarke | Robert W. Wagner
Lower Gallery

"Pictures begin with words and end with words...Photographers, amateurs and professionals alike, have much in common. They understand that there is no such thing as an 'instantaneous' photograph. Each is a discrete sample, a 'decisive moment' of time which can never be exactly reproduced again, but which captures both the way we were, and often the way we want to be. That is what makes life so photogenic, appealing, revealing, and why good photographs help bring us all together," wrote Alfred Clarke, Julius Foris, and Robert W. Wagner local photographers responsible for Portrait of an American Town.

Portrait of An American Town is a collection of photographs that documents the events and everyday details that have created Upper Arlington's unique history and produced joy for countless families. Visitors can learn about the Adena mound-builders who roamed the land long before the creation of Upper Arlington and see how the area developed from a small farming community to a modern suburban town that thrives and celebrates the rituals and rites of passage that mold the American landscape.

This collection was developed over a 20-year period by Upper Arlington's own, Robert Wagner. Wagner believes that many things have changed overtime and that this exhibition will be seen with fresh eyes by a new generation. He hopes Portrait of An American Town, will provide a glimpse of the way Upper Arlington was and serve as a testament to the basic spirit that has endured and continues today!

Visit the permanent display of all 42 Portrait of An American Town images in the Arlington Hall Gallery in the lower level of the Municipal Services Center.

Upper Arlington Rotary Club
West Broad Elementary
Lower Gallery

The Upper Arlington Rotary Club adopted the West Broad Street Elementary School in December of 1998. We provide volunteers to read, tutor and provide financial aid for arts, culture and science activities for the children. On display are works from the children of the West Broad Street Elementary.

To learn more about the UA Rotary Club visit


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