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trash accumulationCommunity Service Trash Removal Program

Launched in 2001, the Community Service Trash Removal Program is a valuable and cost effective trash removal resource for the City of Upper Arlington. The program removes debris from areas of the City that are susceptible to littering or windblown trash (such areas include the City's right-of-way, intersections and the parks). Upper Arlington Criminal Justice Administrator Joe Roush refers community service workers to the Property Maintenance Division to assist in the trash removal. Program participants are typically juveniles from Upper Arlington Mayor's Court who were convicted of a minor traffic or petty offense. The Property Maintenance Division closely supervises the individuals who participate in the program. Please feel free to contact the Property Maintenance Division if you are aware of areas that are susceptible to such littering or windblown trash.

Sign Abatement Program

The purpose of the Sign Abatement Program is the removal of illegally displayed signage throughout the City rights-of-ways. Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Article 6.06 (F)(3) states the Code Compliance Officer shall remove all signs that are erected on public property or within the City right-of-way which are not in compliance with the requirements of UDO Article 6.06. The Code Compliance Officer shall attempt to notify the sign owner in writing of the time and location where the signs may be reclaimed. If the owner fails to respond as directed within 15 days, the sign shall be considered abandoned and disposed of as the Code Compliance Officer may direct. The Property Maintenance Division confiscates the following types of signs: business advertisement, contractor, garage sale, lost pet, political, for sale and other various illegally displayed signs. Please contact the Property Maintenance Division to report any illegally displayed temporary signs in the City of Upper Arlington.


Grass And Weed Abatement Program

The Property Maintenance Code (PMC) 302.4 requires all premises, exterior private property areas and adjacent street rights-of-way to be maintained free from weeds, grass or other plant grown in excess of 10 inches in height (with the exception of trees or cultivated gardens/landscapes). All noxious weeds are prohibited (noxious weeds include but are not limited to thistle, burdock, jimson weed, ragweed, poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac). No planting of woody or herbaceous plants (except groundcovers or mowed lawn) within a public street right of way is allowed without a permit from the Division of Parks & Forestry.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the Property Maintenance Division verifies the violation and then issues a written notice to the property owner and/or resident.  A five day period is provided for correction of the violation.  In cases of repeat/chronic violations, only one notification is sent to the property owner and/or resident during each calendar year and the City may act without further notice as needed. In instances of non-compliance, the Division will issue a "Work Order" to authorize the City and/or a hired contractor to mow or spray the offending grass/weeds on the property. The cost of the abatement is expensive: $125 per hour per crew member, which is billed to the property owner, and if necessary, assessed to the property taxes as a lien.

Trash and Litter Abatement Program

Property Maintenance Code (PMC) 307.1 requires all exterior property and premises, and the interior of every structure, to be free from any accumulation of rubbish or garbage. Property Maintenance Code (PMC) 307.3 requires every occupant of a structure to dispose of garbage in a clean and sanitary manner by placing such garbage in approved garbage containers. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Property Maintenance Division verifies the violation and then issues a written notice to the property owner and/or resident. A seven day period is provided for the correction. In instances of non-compliance, the division will issue a "Work Order" to authorize the City's solid waste contractor to abate the rubbish, garbage and/or improperly stored items from the property. Abatement costs are assessed to the property taxes as a lien.

Property Assessment Monitoring Program

peeling paintLaunched in early 2004, the Property Assessment Monitoring Program (PAMP) is a product of several goals and objectives of the Upper Arlington Master Plan. The City was divided into five districts for inspection, with the goal of every property undergoing an exterior inspection in order to determine compliance with the Unified Development Ordinance, the Property Maintenance Code, and portions of the General Offense Code, Streets and Services Code and Building Code.

Rebuilding Together Central Ohio

A Safe-At-Home program helps to improve the lives of those in need. All repairs are FREE for the homeowner who qualifies. Labor and many supplies are typically donated. Individual homeowners may request services by applying online ( or over the phone at 614-258-6392. This organization also maintains a library of donated tools that can be borrowed for up to a week.

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  • City Holiday - Thanksgiving Day
    City offices will be closed Thursday, November 23 in observance of Thanksgiving Day. Thursday trash collection will be delayed by one day. Click here for more information.
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