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Original UA entrance
Original entrance into Upper Arlington- Fifth Avenue and Cambridge Boulevard, January 1918

In 1985, a portion of Upper Arlington south of Lane Avenue, known as "Old Arlington," was designated the "Upper Arlington Historic District" and placed on the the National Register of Historic Places. The area was recognized for its high-quality Twentieth Century American Colonial and English Revival Style homes. Many buildings in the district contribute to the unique character of the area, and if this built environment were to be significantly altered, the City could lose an irreplaceable asset - its visible historic identity. That said, there will always be a demand for newer, more modern homes. Absent true preservation regulations, several homes in the Historic District have already been demolished to make way for new homes.

In an effort to preserve the City's historic structures while allowing them to be upgraded, City Council adopted legislation in January 2009 that is meant to discourage, but not prohibit, total demolition. The regulations were written to apply to the total or extreme demolition cases that directly affect the historical significance of the structure. A six-month delay period provides an "intermission" so that alternatives to total demolition can be thoughtfully considered. These regulations are found in Articles 5, 6, and 7 in the Unified Development Ordinance.

NOTE: The Upper Arlington Historical Society is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization that collects archival materials, shares historical information, conducts educational programs, sponsors commemorative activities, promotes historical preservation, and serves as a community resource. Outstanding historical images and documents can be viewed through UA Library's Historical Archives.

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